Serendipity's Embrace Spoilers: Cast Member Hints Gradual Transformation of Kang Hoo Young

Serendipity's Embrace cast member Chae Jong Hyeop hinted about the gradual transformation of his character Kang Hoo Young in the new tvN drama. The actor spoke about the reason for choosing this project. He explained why K-drama fans worldwide must watch this upcoming mini-series, which will premiere on Monday (July 22) at 8:40 pm KST.

Castaway Diva star Chae Jong Hyeop will portray a financial planner named Kang Hoo Young in the upcoming tvN drama. The mini-series will feature his transformation from an innocent high school student to a knowledgeable and handsome young man. His life changes after unexpectedly reuniting with his first love after 10 years. Hoo Young begins to experience his heart fluttering after he meets his first love from high school.

Jong Hyeop said Serendipity's Embrace will take viewers through an interesting journey between the bubbly characters. According to him, he was fascinated by the script and curious to know what happens to the onscreen couple.

"While reading the script, I was curious about the story and entertained by the idea of coincidentally running into your first love again. I think the drama's charm is how these bubbly and vivacious characters happen to discover and experience the emotion of love," the actor shared.

Serendipity's Embrace
Serendipity's Embrace poster X/tvN drama

Who is Kang Hoo Young?

Jong Hyeop explained his character in the upcoming tvN drama as bland and prickly. He struggles to express his feelings and show his emotions to other people. The character will undergo a major transformation after he finds his lost first love from high school after 10 years.

"The character of Hoo Young may appear bland and prickly. But Hoo Young is just someone who's bad at expressing his feelings and doesn't show his emotions to people. I spent time pondering how to portray the transformation in Hoo Young as he gradually discovers the feeling of love," the actor explained.

Serendipity's Embrace
Actor Chae Jong Hyeop as Kang Hoo Young in Serendipity's Embrace. X/tvN drama

Serendipity's Embrace Preview

With only two weeks left for the premiere of Serendipity's Embrace, the production team released new poster, teasers, and promotional stills. The poster features a reunion between Hoo Young and Hong Joo. The male lead deeply gazes into the eyes of the female lead while lying on the beach sand.

"After thawing, it cannot be frozen again. Do you want to thaw this first love?" the caption read.

Meanwhile, the teaser videos feature the transformation of Hoo Young and Hong Joo. It also hinted at the heart-fluttering hidden love story between the onscreen couple. The reckless and confident high school student becomes scared of falling in love due to painful memories from the past. Another promotional clip shows the male lead's transformation into a confident young man who hides a big secret from the world.

Serendipity's Embrace will premiere on tvN on Monday (July 22) at 8:40 pm KST. People in Korea can watch the mini-series on TV or stream it on various online streaming platforms, including TVING. K-drama lovers from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, can watch the romantic comedy-drama with subtitles on various online streaming platforms.