Castaway Diva Ending Explained, Episode 12 (Finale) Recap, Review

Castaway Diva's ending followed Seo Mok Ha as she worked hard to achieve her dream of becoming a famous singer. Episode 12 aired on tvN on Sunday (December 3) at 9:20 pm KST. People in Korea watched the last episode on TV and streamed it on TVING. K-drama fans from other parts of the world enjoyed the finale with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Netflix.

Seo Mok Ha's journey from a rookie singer to the top star was the focus of Castaway Diva episode 12. The romantic comedy-drama picked up right from where it left off in episode 11. The ending featured Jung Bong Wan and revealed why Lee Seo Jun wanted the company shares.

After attacking Kang Sang Doo, Jung Bong Wan took his own life. He wrote a handwritten letter to his wife and children, revealing why he tried to kill the former government servant. The former police officer wrote about the severe punishment he prepared for his family members for leaving him. According to him, they will never be able to free themselves from him if the ex-civil servant scums to his injuries.

Castaway Diva
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The Miraculous Recovery

The injuries of Kang Sang Doo were severe, and the doctors did not have much hope. But Song Ha Jung, Kang Bo Geol, and Kang Woo Hak did not lose hope. Their biggest fear was to live with the surname of Jung Bong Wan. They prayed hard for the former civil servant's speedy recovery, and he opened his eyes one day. The first thing Song Ha Jung and Kang Sang Doo did was to register their marriage and formally adopt Kang Bo Geol and Kang Woo Hak.

After the storm, the family focussed on Seo Mok Ha. They helped her in pursuing her dream of becoming a singer. Yoon Ran Joo did everything she could to help her mentee. But things took an unexpected turn after Lee Seo Jun played a trick. He switched the songs for Eun Mo Rae and Seo Mok Ha. Yoon Ran Joo could not take it anymore. She confronted the businesswoman. She learned that her mother wanted her to focus on her singing career.

Castaway Diva
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Lee Seo Jun was never selfish. He was following the instructions of Ko San Hee. He tried to help Yoon Ran Joo in some way or the other. When the two old friends were busy fighting, Eun Mo Rae and Seo Mok Ha had a heated argument. At the end of the verbal fight, they listened to their assigned songs and decided to sing them.

A New Beginning

Yoon Ran Joo was surprised to hear from Seo Mok Ha that she wanted to sing the song assigned to her by Lee Seo Jun. She helped the mentee in many ways until she became a top star. The female lead enjoyed her fame and spent the rest of the days with her childhood friend, Ki Ho, and his family.