Seoul International Drama Awards 2023: How to Watch, Date, Venue, Lineup, Nomination List, and More

Seoul International Drama Awards 2023 will take place at Banpo Hangang Park in September with live broadcast for drama lovers. KBS 2TV will telecast the annual award ceremony live online for people in Korea and other parts of the globe. This year, the viewers can look forward to stunning performances by star-studded lineup of celebrities during the annual award show.

The organizing committee revealed that 344 dramas from 44 countries submitted entries for participation. According to them, it is the most number entries in the history of this annual event. Greece submitted its first-ever entry, while Turkey submitted 15 dramas this year. Online streaming platforms, including Watcha, Coupang Play, TVING, Wavve, Netflix Japan, Korea, India, and China's Tencent, submitted their entries.

Here is everything about the 18th annual Seoul International Drama Awards, including lineup, nomination list, and live streaming details.

Date, Venue, and Live Streaming Details

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism organized the annual award show in association with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, and CBS. The star-studded event will take place at the Banpo Hangang Park with a live telecast on Thursday ( September 21). People in Korea can watch the ceremony live online on KBS 2TV.

Drama lovers from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, Denmark, Europe, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and the UK, can watch the event live online on various streaming platforms.

Seoul International Drama Awards
Seoul International Drama Awards logo Seoul International Drama Awards

Series Entries

Some of the submitted entries from Korea are Anna, Bargain, and The Glory. The organizing committee is looking forward to a fierce competition. The complete nomination list will be released in mid-July after the preliminary and final judgement. The international competition entries include Thailand drama Finding the Rainbow starring 2PM member Nichkhun, Japanese drama War of Trap starring Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Netflix Japanese original drama First Love, Hatsukoi, and Accused by Sony Pictures.

Alice, the Final Weapon by director Lee Byung Hun and Unicorn by comedian and writer Yoo Byung Jae are some of the highly competitive entries of this year. But The Glory and Extraordinary Attorney Woo are gaining all the attention from K-drama fans across the globe due to its popularity, according to the organizing committee.

"It's true that these are one of the fabulous and the successful series in the market, but we know well that every single entry is produced by the great efforts of the numerous people who are concerned. We can proudly say the SDA is the only festival in Korea that we can meet various series around the world like even from Greece, Norway, Israel and Australia," the organizing committee shared.

Lineup and Nomination

The organizing committee will release the presenters and performers lineup in the upcoming weeks. The complete nomination list will be released next week.

Seoul International Drama Awards 2023 Nomination List

The international competition nominees of the Seoul International Drama Awards 2023 have been announced. The nominees include 30 candidates and 24 series from various parts of the world. Belascoarán PI from Mexico, Accused: Scott's Story from the US, and Song of Four Seasons from Hong Kong are some nominees in the TV Movie category.

The Best Actress nominees include Bae Suzy for Anna, Yifei Liu for A Dream of Splendor, and Anna Schudt for The Mayoress. The candidates for the Best Actor awards are Michael Chiklis, Navid Mohammadzadeh, Oktay Kaynarca, Wei Fan, and Eric Cantona.

Nomination List

TV Movie

  • Accused: Scott's Story (US)
  • As Loud As You Can (Germany)
  • Babel Syndrome (South Korea)
  • Belascoarán PI (Mexico)
  • Mayflies (UK)
  • Neighbours (Portugal)
  • Song of Four Seasons (Hong Kong)
  • The Fragile Colossus (France)


  • 1985 (Belgium)
  • Addict (France)
  • Afterglow (Norway)
  • Anna (South Korea)
  • Legacy (Netherlands)
  • Reborn Rich (South Korea)
  • The Actor (Iran)
  • The Long Season (China)


  • A Dream of Splendor (China)
  • Act Like You're Asleep (Greece)
  • Vicente Fernández (Colombia)
  • Meet Yourself China (China)
  • Still Me (Taiwan)
  • The Oath S2 (Greece)
  • The Story of XingFu (China)
  • Till the End of the Moon (China)


  • Jin Sha, Yu Bo for A Date with the Future
  • Yang Yang for A Dream of Splendor
  • Atle Knudsen for Afterglow
  • Ernesto Contreras, Hiromi Kamata for Belascoarán PI
  • Stéphanie Murat for The Fragile Colossus
  • Shuang Xin for The Long Season
  • Christos Georgiou for The Oath S2


  • Wei Zhang for A Dream of Splendor
  • Gianni Skaragas for Act Like You're Asleep
  • Kjetil Indregard, Mads Løken for Afterglow
  • Chan-young Lee for Babel Syndrome
  • Nima Javidi for The Actor
  • Sébastien Boueilh, Aude Marcle for The Fragile Colossus


  • Michael Chiklis for Accused: Scott's Story
  • Spyros Papadopoulos for Act Like You're Asleep
  • Navid Mohammadzadeh for The Actor
  • Oktay Kaynarca for The Father
  • Eric Cantona for The Fragile
  • Wei Fan for The Long Season


  • Yifei Liu for A Dream of Splendor
  • Emili Koliandri for Act Like You're Asleep
  • Nina Ellen for Ødegård Afterglow
  • Bae Suzy for Anna
  • Aleeza Chanowiz for Chanshi
  • Natalina José for Neighbours
  • Anna Schudt for The Mayoress
This article was first published on July 5, 2023