Seo Ye Ji Out, Lee Da Hee In: L.U.C.A. Actress Offered Lead Role in OCN Drama 'Island'

The L.U.C.A. actress' agency Santa Claus Entertainment has confirmed the news of Lee Da Hee being offered the lead role.

Seo Ye Ji had dropped out of OCN drama Island following her controversy with actor Kim Jung Hyun. OCN started its hunt for a new female lead and now, Sports Donga has reported that Lee Da Hee of L.U.C.A. fame will replace Seo Ye Ji in the drama. However, though the entire cast is almost finalized, OCN is yet to officially announce the name of new female lead of the drama.

Soompi reported that Lee Da Hee's agency has reacted to the news. Speaking to Newsen, Santa Claus Entertainment said: "Lee Da Hee has received an offer to star in Island and is positively reviewing it."

Seo Ye Ji Lee Da Hee
Lee Da Hee has been offered the lead role in OCN drama Island after Seo Ye Ji dropped out of the project. Instagram

Kim Nam Gil to Play Male Lead in Island

OCN had already scheduled the shooting of the drama in June, but had to postpone it as Seo Ye Ji dropped out of the drama. Kim Nam Gil is confirmed to play the male lead Pan, and ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo is in talks to play the second lead role, an exorcist.

Sports Donga report claims that OCN producers zeroed in on Lee Da Hee as the optimal fit for the role and the actress is also said to have also appreciated of the quality of the production. Thus if accepted, Lee Da Hee will be seen as Won Mi Ho who fights against evil along with Kim Nam Gil. She is also the one who can break Pan's curse.

Island is a fantasy - exorcism drama, which originally appeared as a webtoon by the same name. It tells the story of Pan, who is in search of the woman who can end his cursed immortal life. Won Mi Ho is that woman, who is born into a rich man's family but is being targeted by goblins. In their fight against evil, exorcist priest John [likely to be played by Cha Eun Woo] who wants to overcome the guilt of failing to protect a girl, joins hands with them.

Pan, Won Mi Ho and John meet each other in disagreeable terms in the Island and even though they don't get along well, they are forced to join hands to defeat the strong enemy. Island is supposed to have more than one seasons. However, revised filming schedule is yet to be announced.

But if there was no controversy and the team had continued with casting of Seo Ye Ji, the drama would have aired its first season by the end of 2021. Now, with new changes, it is expected that the filming will begin this summer. It is not known if any changes have been made to the storyline of Island.