Seo Ye Ji Ordered Kim Jung Hyun to Avoid Skinship With Seohyun in 'Time'? Dispatch Reveals Messages

Dispatch released a set of text messages allegedly written by Seo Ye Ji to Kim Jung Hyun asking him to avoid skinship with Seohyun while shooting for the drama 'Time' in 2018.

Kim Jung Hyun is facing another controversy as Dispatch released a set of text messages between the Mr Queen actor and It's Okay to Not Be Okay actress Seo Ye Ji. The rumors of Kim Jung Hyun dating his Crash landing on You [CLOY] co-star Seo Ji Hye are yet to die down and the actor is embroiled in another controversy.

Dispatch had earlier posted pictures of CLOY actors Seo Ji Hye's pictures with Kim Jung Hyun and had claimed that the duo was in a relationship from one year. But agencies of both the stars had refuted the claims. Moreover, currently Kim Jung Hyun is in a legal tussle with his agency O&Entertainment as there are reports of him joining Seo Ji Hye's agency Culture Depot. At such a time releasing of text messages between the actor and Seo Ye Ji might jeopardise Kim Jung Hyun's career.

Kim Jung Hyun Seo Ye Ji
Dispatch released alleged messages shared between Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ye Ji. Instagram

Dispatch revealed that Kim Jung Hyun was strictly ordered by Seo Ye Ji to avoid 'skinship' with Girls Generation's Seohyun while shooting for melodrama Time in 2018. Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun had worked together in the movie Stay With Me in 2018.

Dispatch claimed that the drama Time starring Kim Jung Hyun and Seohyun had at least 13 scenes that involved kinship between the lead characters in the script. The alleged messages of Seo Ye Ji sent to Kim Jung Hyun show the actress directing the later to beware of any scenes involving skinship.

It is said that Kim Jung Hyun had asked the director of the drama Jang Joon Ho to change the script whenever he had to shoot skinship scenes. Dispatch said that it had obtained the original script of the drama Time and compared it to the drama screened. The team has found that between episodes 5 and 12 the script had 13 skinship scenes that was missing in the broadcast. reports even had claimed that Seohyun was left in tears sue to Kim Jung Hyun's rudeness towards her.

The news outlet released messages between Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ye Ji.

Seo Ye Ji: Be stern Mr. Kim. Take out all the skinship scenes.

Kim Jung Hyun: Of course.

Seo Ye Ji: Why didn't you tell me what you did today?

Kim Jung Hyun: I didn't even greet the female staff today. I was so stern towards them.

Kim Jung Hyun: I told Jang Joon Ho director once again that I will not do romance scenes but I couldn't convince him.

Seo Ye Ji: Alright. Do well being stern with your actions.

Kim Jung Hyun: The script for episode 9 came out, I think it needs to be completely revised.

Seo Ye Ji: Good luck with the editing.

Dispatch released a set of messages where Seo Ye Ji is seen repeatedly asking Kim Jung Hyun to change the romance scenes and not to greet any female staff.

Dispatch even spoke to a staff member who had worked for the drama Time. The member is said to have told the news outlet that Kim Jung Hyun kept asking him to revise the script and remove scenes that demanded skinship. If it didn't go his way, the actor would run away and make dry heaves, retching, said the staff member.

Kim Jung Hyun, Seo Ye Ji's Agencies React

Following the claims of Dispatch, currently, Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ye Ji's agencies have released initial statements. Kim Jung Hyun's agency O&Entertainment said that they have no idea about the issue. "We don't know anything about this. We have nothing to say, especially since we're in dispute with the actor as well," said the agency.

Seo Ye Ji's agency Gold Medalist stayed away from making any assumptions. It just said, "We are looking into this." The actors are yet to react on the issue. Meanwhile, Seo Ye Ji is all set to take part in the press conference for her new movie Recalled on April 13. The movie is set to release on April 21 and the production house stated that Seo Ye Ji will take part in the press conference and promotions as scheduled.