Scientist at SETI debunks Argentinian UFO incident

UFO videograb
UFO video grab from Youtube Jason Gleaves, Ufonly

The video of two UFOs apparently taken by an amateur Argentinian pilot had taken the internet by a storm recently. The video showed one cylindrical and one triangle shaped UFO passing in front of a private plane at skyrocketing speed, with alien buffs claiming that it is a staggering evidence of extraterrestrial life. But now, Seth Shostak, an astronomy expert at Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has conveyed his apprehension over the authenticity of the video.

In an exclusive interview with the Newsweek, Seth Shostak said the video is not very convincing as the first sign of its incredibility is that it was filmed by the pilot out of the cockpit window in mid-flight.

"Why is this guy using his cellphone to make videos while he's flying around? He's there to photograph these things, and that's a bit suspicious," said Shostak.

Shostak revealed that the way in which the pilot placed the camera indicates that he was anticipating the UFOs even before they appeared on the screen.

He added that the alleged UFOs which appeared on the screen might be an optical illusion caused by the rolling of shutters on the cellphone's camera.

"You don't want to judge too much on the fact that they [the UFOs] kind of look like saucers. They could be baseballs," added Shostak.

Shostak also suggested that the captured object might be either a bird or another aircraft considering the distance and the speed in which it is travelling. However, he admitted that there is no way to confirm what really caught on the Argentinian pilot's camera.

SETI has been searching for extraterrestrial life for the past few years, and they are mainly concentrating on opening their eyes into deep space using advanced instruments to locate alien life in deep space.