Argentinian pilot films two cylindrical shaped UFOs (VIDEO)

UFO videograb
UFO video grab from Youtube Jason Gleaves, Ufonly

A veteran Argentinian pilot has filmed a bizarre video from his private plane which shows two UFOs sailing across the skies. The video, uploaded on Youtube channel 'Jason Gleaves UFOnly', is now being shared widely on social networking platforms like Facebook.

The video shows two weird objects passing in front of the cockpit of the pilot. The first object passed is of cylindrical shape, while the second one is visibly triangle shaped.

The clip posted by the Youtube channel has attracted more than 10,000 views. The video has triggered alien buffs into believing that such sightings are manifestation of the extraterrestrial existence.

"Interesting video! The first object is a flying saucer which is disc-shaped and the second is smaller and has probably a triangle shape.They seem to be metallic and moving at a very high speed.They are definitely not drones.," posted Ilias Theo, a Youtube user.

However, skeptics argue that the so-called flying objects seen in the video are actually bugs or birds that can fly high altitudes.

"While the highest-flying bird, the Rüppell's griffon vulture, native to Central Africa, has been reported at an altitude of 37,000 feet, insects can also propel themselves significantly higher than you might think. The plane is a propeller, and you can see clouds which range from 2000 to 6000 sq feet. It is well in the range of bugs and birds," explained YouTube user 'Theout There Channel'.

Skeptics also added that scientists have collected locusts flying at heights of 14,764 feet. They even made it clear that certain butterflies are capable of flying at an altitude of 6 kilometers.

The new video has gone viral just a week after pilots in two US airplanes spotted unidentified flying objects in the skies. Three months ago, the Pentagon itself has admitted to initiating a probe into the mystery associated with a UFO sighting that happened in 2004. The defence authority even released a video of the incident which showed a strange object flying across the skies defying all existing law of physics.

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