Ancient cave drawings depicting aliens, UFOs proof of extraterrestrial visit thousands of years ago?

Mayan ruins found in Mexican cave
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In January 2018, archaeologists had unearthed weird-looking three-fingered mummies from Peru, and many people claimed that these remnants are of extra-terrestrial origin. Soon, a study conducted by Dr Jose Benitez, a doctor in forensic science, revealed that the corpses do not belong to earth even though it has striking similarities with the human body.

This is not the first time that there has been a suggestion of intelligent beings visiting Earth from outer space thousands of years ago. Several American tribes refer to the star-men who came from the sky to share new knowledge with them. Substantiating their claims, some ancient drawings have come to light featuring aliens and UFOs.

Are ancient UFO drawings a proof of alien life?

There are many ancient cave drawings discovered from various parts of the world featuring aliens and UFOs. A native American cave drawing at Legends Rock in Wyoming, US features alien-like figures which were supposedly drawn 10,000 years ago. This site contains more than 250 petroglyphs, and many of them indicate that people in the ancient ages were in touch with extra-terrestrial life.

Another drawing which has baffled many researchers is the one discovered near Christina Lake in British Columbia, Canada. This cave painting features a flying saucer with wings hovering over four humans. Another painting discovered in Cayuse Creek in Idaho shows a humanoid figure inside a flying saucer, and interestingly, the space vehicle is seen emitting trails of smoke behind it.

Cave paintings which date as far back as 5000 BC discovered in the Sego Canyon area of Utah show weird creatures with large eyes and craniums.

"My people tell [me] of Star People who came to us many generations ago. The Star People brought spiritual teachings and stories and maps of the cosmos and they offered these freely. They were kind, loving and set a great example," said Richard Wagamese, of the Wabaseemoong First People in Ontario, Daily Star reports.

Are these drawings an authentic proof or human imagination?

Even though many conspiracy theorists claim that these drawings are a proof of extraterrestrial visit to Earth thousands of years ago, skeptics believe that these are pure works of art by ancient men. They argue that humans might have thought about life beyond the earth in the past, and it might have made them draw such drawings which are mysterious.

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