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NASA captures image of new Eastern Pacific tropical storm

MODIS instrument that flies aboard NASA's Terra satellite provided a visible image of then Tropical Depression 20 in the Eastern Pacific. TD20 continued organizing and became Tropical Storm Raymond
26 days ago
By IBTimes SG Desk

Which are the neurons that map memories in your brain?

Neuro-engineers find that specific neurons can locate memories and by studying recordings in neurosurgical patients, they found 'memory-trace cells' that were spatially tuned to the location of the memory.
26 days ago
By R Siva Kumar

Hubble spots a curious spiral galaxy named NGC 772

NGC 772 is both a peculiar and an unbarred spiral galaxy; respectively, this means that it is somewhat odd in size, shape or composition, and that it lacks a central feature known as a bar, which we see in many galaxies throughout the cosmos
26 days ago
By IBTimes SG Desk
NGC 1068

This invisible feature explains how the shape of spiral galaxies are formed

By Carlo Inigo Monzon