The Penuma Implant: Changing Men's Lives for the Better

Penuma® Implant

Marketing aimed at men often promotes an idealized version of masculinity, focusing on physicality rather than encompassing men's mental health and self-esteem. Penile enhancement ads are a prime example of sensationalized marketing that targets men's insecurities through empty promises. Despite the claims of immediate improvement and guaranteed results made by these ads, the products on the market are generally unregulated and unapproved by the FDA, leaving manufacturers without an obligation to prove their efficacy and safety.

Dr. James J. Elist, M.D., is a prominent urologist who has dedicated his career to addressing and treating a range of issues related to impotence, male sexual dysfunction, and infertility. Throughout his years of practice, Dr. Elist has listened attentively to his patients' struggles and conducted extensive market research. He observed a common theme among his patients: anxiety and low self-esteem related to penis size concerns. So, he decided to take action and developed the Penuma® Implant.

As a leading expert in his field, Dr. Elist consulted with other respected physicians and researchers to develop the Penuma® Implant. His primary objective was to create a safe and effective option for men seeking penile enhancement for cosmetic reasons. The implant addresses issues related to size enhancement and mild to moderate curvature, penile deformities, and other aesthetic concerns.

The Penuma® Implant is a soft, silicone implant that is surgically inserted under the skin of the penis to enhance its size and shape. "Many of my patients come to me with issues of penile insecurity and lack of self-confidence," says Dr. Elist. "The Penuma implant has helped them to overcome these challenges and improve their sex lives."

Efficacy, safety, and patient satisfaction

Penile enhancement is often a taboo subject, and the associated stigma makes it a sensitive topic that deserves empathy when openly discussed. However, it can be disheartening for men to see such a prevalent issue sidelined in conversations about physical well-being.

Dr. Elist initially focused on penile prostheses within the urology field. However, he shifted his focus to finding a safe and effective solution to prevent men from feeling stigmatized and struggling alone.

Dr. Elist recognized the need for a safe and effective solution to penile enhancement after seeing patients resort to risky procedures. "Patients eager for solutions have flown all over the world to pursue penile enhancement only to end up with significant deformities and pain caused by substandard procedures," he explains. "Men would have their suspensory ligament cut, have acid injected into their penis, or even have cadaver cells or fat pumped in their penis. The Penuma® Implant, on the other hand, is the first science-backed, FDA-cleared option of its kind for men."

According to Dr. Elist, penile issues and the associated lack of self-esteem and confidence can have far-reaching negative impacts on men's quality of life, relationships, and mental well-being. He believes that mental well-being is inextricably tied to self-esteem, and he takes a two-pronged approach that includes consideration of not only the physical but also the mental aspects of the issue.

Dr. Elist suggests that men see a licensed therapist before pursuing the implant procedure. He values the partnership they have built with therapists in helping make sure that they only work with the right candidates for Penuma®.

Recovery and sexual confidence

After the procedure, patients are typically required to abstain from sexual activity, including masturbation, until their clinic clears them usually at least six weeks following the Penuma® procedure. This allows the implant to settle properly and ensures that the area has sufficient time to heal.

"The recovery process for the Penuma® procedure generally takes several weeks, with patients needing to adhere to activity restrictions and follow post-operative care instructions to ensure a smooth healing process. Communication with the treating physician and attending follow-up appointments are vital components of a successful recovery," advises Dr. Elist.

These results demonstrate the positive impact the procedure can have on a man's mental and emotional well-being. It is important to note that the improved self-esteem and confidence of the patient can also influence partner satisfaction. "Some partners may report an improvement in sexual satisfaction due to the increased size or improved shape of the patient's penis following the procedure," notes Dr. Elist.

The Penuma implant has been thoroughly researched, with findings reported in the peer-reviewed Journal of Sexual Medicine and the International Journal of Impotence Research. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the Penuma® implant and investigate its short- and long-term effects. In the IJIR report, researchers reviewed the experiences of over 100 patients who received the implant from multiple centers and surgeons. The results showed that 57% of partners reported high to very high satisfaction, and 26% of partners reported medium to high satisfaction. These findings suggest that the benefits of the procedure extend beyond the patient to their partner as well.

Dr. Elist also acknowledges the importance of collaborating with other medical professionals to offer the best care possible. "I'm honored to have the top urologists continue the journey that I started to develop this device as a viable option for men worldwide," he says. "We work with a network of world-renowned urologists, including urology professors at Mt. Sinai and Rush University." With the Penuma® implant, he hopes to have contributed something special to the history of cosmetic urology and helped his patients live their lives to the fullest.