Sasaengs Trespass into THE BOYZ Dorm Building, Here is What The KPop Boy Band Members Did

Saesangs who trespassed into the dorm building of The BOYZ have been handed over to the police along with the proof of CCTV footage.

Saesangs or obsessive fans who engage in activities like stalking, illegally entered the dorm building of KPop group THE BOYZ. Shocked after finding fans inside the building, the boy band members informed police, who took strict action against the stalkers.

Saesangs are known to cause problems to celebrities in South Korea. They invade privacy of the celebrities including KPop members and actors. Many Saesangs have faced trouble because of stalking. THE BOYZ also made clear that strict action will be taken against Saesangs who inconvenience the group in any way by invading their privacy.

KPop boy band THE BOYZ members. Twitter

Saesangs in Custody

The BOYZ agency Cre.Ker Entertainment issued a statement in this regard. "At dawn today, sasaengs secretly entered the dorm building and waited. Upon discovering them, we made a report to the police who dispatched their officers and caught some of the sasaengs who had tried to escape. They will be punished for misdemeanor as we will be dealing with this according to the law," the statement read.

The fan club manager also issued a notice to fans asking them to follow the rules. It stated that there have been continuous instances of invading the private spaces including dorms, the agency, and salon of THE BOYZ group. Also instances of their vans have been followed, private schedules and personal spaces filmed were reported. Thus, the manager announced that this notice was a warning to anyone who invades THE BOYZ' privacy.

"The members' resting space has been filmed and even their dorm building, which should be a place where their personal life is protected, was entered secretly by the sasaengs, who waited for the boys and tried talking to them, even filming them, carrying out such acts of personal benefit that have been causing the artists and staff to seriously suffer physically and mentally," read the notice.

CCTV Footage Submitted to Cops

The manager also informed that the CCTV footage of the sasaengs entering the building and taking photos has been submitted to the police. As soon as the police confirm their identities, Saesangs will be charged for fleeing and trespassing.

"After this announcement, any person that continuously causes such inconveniences through visiting private spaces (such as the agency, dorms, and salon) as well as visiting private schedules to film the event, will be banned from participating in all fan activities. In addition, they will not be given further warnings and we will proceed directly with collecting evidence such as CCTV footage and black box footage so as to deal with it by the law," the THE BOYZ Fan Club manager's notice stated.

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