The Boyz Win Road to Kingdom: From Winners List to Dramatic Finale, Here is All You Need to Know

By winning Road to Kingdom, The Boyz group has secured its sport for the Mnet's show Kingdom, meanwhile VERIVERY announced their comeback album..

The Boyz
The Boyz have secured their sport at Mnet's Kingdom after winning Road to Kingdom show. Instagram

After tough competitions for over a month, The Boyz has been declared the winner of the top reality show Road to Kingdom. With this, The Boyz has secured their place in the show Kingdom. The seven-boy band took part in the competition that was a battle for a spot in Mnet's Kingdom and the top scorers were announced after the grand performances on June 18.

Among other teams, ONF secured the second place while PENTAGON was in third. ONEUS was in fourth and VERIVERY was in the fifth place in the competition Road to Kingdom. This time seven boy groups, PENTAGON, ONF, Golden Child, The Boyz, VERIVERY, ONEUS, and Too competed with each other. According to rules, Golden Child and Too failed to impress the audience and were eliminated from the competition before the finale.

Watch The Boys performance Here

Strategy Behind Counting Votes and Scores

The five remaining teams The Boyz, ONEUS, ONF, PENTAGON, and VERIVERY performed their comeback tracks in the Road to Kingdom finale that was live streamed on June 18. This was vital as they were being voted by viewers worldwide on the basis of their performance.

After the performance, the votes received from Whosfan app (votes by viewers) along with scores from three cumulative competition rounds, cumulative views of video clips on Mnet's official YouTube and Naver TV accounts, and the digital score on Hanteo Chart for each group's comeback song were all added together to decide on the winner.

After eliminating two groups, comeback songs, performances of the five groups were released on June 12. While counting the votes received from the Whosfan app amounted to 30 percent of the live broadcast score, domestic text votes were considered as 70 percent of the total votes.

The Catch Before Announcing The Winner

Out of seven groups had the chance to make it to Mnet's next show Kingdom. This was an option only if the two teams scoring highest in cumulative scores and winner of the finale (counted through votes) were two different teams.

However, it was decided to send only one team to the Kingdom. Thus the last fight was between The Boyz and ONEUS. After the fierce performance, The Boyz managed to secure its spot in Kingdom.

VERIVERY Announces Comeback Thanks to Road to Kingdom

Soon after the winner of Road to Kingdom was announced, one of the boy groups that reached the finale, VERIVERY announced their comeback. The group will release its fourth mini album Face You on July 1 at 6 p.m. KST. The group had released their third mini album Face Me in January as part of the series Face It.

The final show of Road to Kingdom was hosted by popular actress Lee Daa Hee and television personality Jang Sung Kyu. The grand finale was watched live online by millions of fans. Here are the videos of the top performances of the finale.