Sarah Rose Hanbury Denies Affair Rumors with Prince William Amid Kate Middleton's Health Concerns

Recently Prince Williams and Kate Middleton were spotted visiting a local farm shop near Windsor Castle.

Amid swirling rumors, Sarah Rose Hanbury, a 39-year-old model, has addressed allegations of an affair with Prince William. These rumors emerged during a period of public concern over Kate Middleton's health.

According to reports from The Business Insider, Rose Hanbury's legal representatives have firmly rejected the allegations, stating they are "completely false." The timing of these rumors coincided with public attention on Middleton's recovery from abdominal surgery earlier in January.

Rose Hanbury

Social media platforms buzzed with speculation regarding Prince William's alleged involvement with Hanbury. Notably, these rumors first emerged in 2019.Despite widespread discussion, neither Prince William, Kate Middleton, nor Hanbury have made any public statements addressing the rumors.

In the midst of Middleton's absence, various theories have arisen regarding her whereabouts and the reasons behind it. Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, was spotted visiting a local farm shop near Windsor Castle.

Prince Williams

In 2019, media reports suggested Prince William was engaged in an extramarital relationship with Hanbury. Notably, Hanbury's family has historical ties within the Royal Family's inner circle.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton faced criticism over a "photoshop" controversy. She issued an apology for sharing an image on her official social media account on Mother's Day, which was allegedly edited.

Amidst the speculation surrounding Middleton's health and the alleged affair, comedian Stephen Colbert added fuel to the fire. On his show, 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert', he humorously commented on the situation, saying, "The kingdom has been all aflutter by the seeming disappearance of Kate Middleton. Well now, internet sleuths are guessing that Kate's absence may be related to her husband and the future king of England William having an affair."

The rumors and speculations have kept the public's interest piqued, with many closely following developments within the Royal Family. As the saga continues, Hanbury's denial marks a significant moment in the ongoing narrative surrounding the Royal Family, especially amid concerns over Middleton's health and the integrity of the monarchy.