Santa Claus in Ukranian skies or alien UFO?

UFO Ukraine

A bizarre video shot from the Ukranian skies on December 26 is now going viral on social media platforms. The video features unusual luminous skies above the city of Lugansk, and according to many, the eerie lighting under the clouds resemble Santa Claus. As soon as the video went viral, it triggered debates on all social media platforms.

Was that Santa Claus or Alien UFO?

Some people claimed that the lights spotted in the sky was nothing but an alien UFO. On the other hand, some astronomers claim that there is nothing extra-terrestrial about this sighting, and the lighting is basically the aftermath of a missile launch. Even though various speculations have been triggered after the sighting, conspiracy theorists are pretty sure that this is a concrete sign of alien life. They also claim that the traces left on the clouds indicate the involvement of something out of space.

Hours before this bizarre sighting, residents of the Crimean city of Simferopol said that they heard loud noises from the skies. Many media houses reported that these strange sounds usually originate when a meteor enters the atmosphere. But, local officials suggested that a creepy voice originated when an aircraft passed through the sound barrier.

UFO sightings increasing worldwide

Even though space agencies like NASA has continuously refuted the presence of alien ships, worldwide UFO sightings are increasing day by day. A couple of days back, an Australian couple living in Queensland shared a video of strange lights in the sky. In a recent talk with IBTimes Singapore, the couple revealed that they witnessed the strange lights at around 09.00 PM when they were celebrating Christmas outdoor. According to the couple, the lights continued to stay in the same position for more than ten minutes, and at times, it moved up and down and even sideways.

Another bizarre incident took place in the US when residents captured glowing lights in the sky. Sadly, it was the Space X rocket launch.