Couple spot glowing orb in sky on Christmas night, was it an alien ship?

Daily Mail video screenshot

A couple living in Sunshine Coast, Australia has spotted a bright ball of light in the skies, possibly a UFO on the Christmas night. Renee Anderson and Luke Boon captured the images of the UFO in their camera, and the visuals are now going viral on social media sites. The pair described the ball of lights as something they have never seen before, and they made it clear that it was not a plane which they spotted.

The sighting of a lifetime

Renee and Luke spotted the bizarre object when they were celebrating Christmas with their friends and family members. "My family and I were sitting out on the back of my balcony, when we saw a strange light in the sky. We were staring at it for a while, and all of a sudden it got so big and so bright and was moving in circular motions. It was massive," Renee told IBTimes SG.

According to the couple, the bright lights appeared in the sky around 9 pm, and it remained there for more than ten minutes before vanishing. "It wasn't a plane or a drone, 100%, it was almost blinding. Planes have flashing lights and through the night we had seen plenty of planes. This was just so much different and so much bigger. I believe it to be a UFO, it just has to be as there is no other way it could be anything else."

Renee revealed that the light continued to stay in the same position throughout these ten minutes, and at times, it moved up and down, and side to side.

"After about 10 minutes of the object moving up and down and side to side and moving closer towards us, it vanished. And we are just so stunned and amazed at what we saw. It's something that you really can't comprehend until you are there and actually witness it for yourself. The video does not do justice to what we actually saw," she said.

Possible explanations

As the image of the UFO sighting went viral, people started giving their own explanations for this bizarre incident. A group of people claimed that it is either a low-flying plane or drone, and there is nothing extraterrestrial about it.

On the other hand, conspiracy theorists are pretty much convinced about the sighting, and they strongly believe that this is a solid proof of the existence of alien life. They also believe that the craft omitted an energy field glow around it which made it look like an orb.