Why do people fabricate alien abduction stories and UFO sightings?


Over the years, countless footages of blurry alien figures and sketchy images have surfaced showing UFOs in the sky, which soon turned out to be hoax. Every alien abduction story also appears to be a well fabricated tale that pushed those who wanted to believe something a little bit further away from the usual trust zone.

These fabrications are not always harmless, rather they cause severe ramifications for a certain section of people. When a story emerges out of nowhere, it gains traction and then debunked. On the flipside of it, actual researchers, who are earnestly seeking a scientific breakthrough, lose significance.

Well known UFO researcher Philip Mantle, with 40 years of relentless efforts in all things alien, breaks it down to three primary reasons. As the researcher told Metro.co.uk, the first reason is the most obvious one -- to gain short-lived fame and money by selling their stories to media. As there are several commoners out there who are optimistic about aliens, they read the tales that are colorful and bring robustness to the existing speculations.

The second reason is just to create a mess. This act of 'mischief' adds fuel to the fire, which is the primary reason why some concoct these stories and bring it to the public. But these are extremely short-lived and sooner than later they get debunked.

The third reason, according to the renowned UFO researcher, is that they want to make the serious ET researchers look foolish in front of the world, by proving that they have found the evidence of aliens and UFOs before the experts, who have been working on it for years.

Mantle says that even after being proved wrong, there are certain researchers who don't admit a hoax, no matter what kind of evidence laid in front of them. This gives the lie a longer shelf life and that's probably the most damning reason why, sometimes, an alien story gives the entire research community a bad name.

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"There needs to be more diligence now than there ever was. But equally, the tools to investigate claims are more readily available. I think those that have been a hoax, I have managed to show that is exactly what they were. But we are all human and they can slip through the net," Mantle stated in the interview.

This article was first published on December 27, 2017