Sale of Tickets for Donald Trump August 15 Inauguration Begins; Priced at $1,200; Here is the Truth

A viral claim suggesting that tickets for Donald Trump's second inauguration, slated for August 15, 2021, are being sold on Q sites is found to be fake. The claim also suggests that tickets are being sold at a whopping cost of $1,200.

Despite several months having passed since Joe Biden took over as the US President, key Trump allies and his supporters are still claiming the elections to be fraud.

trump inauguration
Viral image claiming to be tickets for Donald Trump's second inauguration. Twitter

Trump's 2nd Inauguration To be Held at Capitol Steps

The hoax surrounding the tickets being sold for Trump's inauguration started after a photoshopped image of a pair of tickets went viral on social media.

The viral tweet reads, "This is just INSANE on a whole other level! These "tickets" are being sold for as high as $1200.00 each on Q sites all over the internet, and the really crazy part is that people are talking about how excited they are because they've already purchased them WTAF the deeper one digs the weirder it gets."

The image in the post shows a ticket with a price tag of $1,200 bearing the image of the former US President. It says, "The Second Inauguration of Donald Trump As President of the United States August 15, 2021, in front of Capitol steps." The ticket also mentions special musical guests as Ted Nugent and Kid Rock.

Fake Ticket Photoshopped Using Blank Ticket Template

Debunking the claim about the tickets Snopes reported that it is a doctored image that was created with a blank ticket template. The outlet claimed that the picture first appeared on 4chan on June 13. However, the post did not mention the sale of faux tickets for a non-existent event, it stated further.

Stating that there was no evidence of the tickets being sold or bought within self-described QAnon groups online, Reuters said that the image is an edited version of a stock ticket image.

It isn't the first time that a hoax claim about Trump's second inauguration surfaced online. Recently, during a three-day conference, named "For God & Country: Patriot Roundup," Trump's former lawyer Sidney Powell said that Biden should be removed from office and Trump should be "reinstated."

Claiming that Trump could still be inaugurated but wouldn't get "credit for time lost," Powell said, "A new inauguration date is set, and Biden is told to move out of the White House, and President Trump should be moved back in."

"I'm sure there's not going to be credit for time lost, unfortunately, because the Constitution itself sets the date for inauguration, but he should definitely get the remainder of his term and make the best of it," Powell had bragged at the event.