Saimdang: Light's Diary
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SBS's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Saimdang, Light's Diary', which brought the South Korean actress Lee Young Ae is back on small screen after 14 years, is all set to wrap up earlier than it was planned initially, according to its distributor, as reported by HelloKpop.

The decision was taken due to the poor viewership ratings of the fantasy drama. The drama premiered on January 26 and is expected to end on May 3 or 4 which is a week earlier than it was scheduled.

As the drama is not doing well among the viewers, SBS mentioned as cited by Hellkpop the producers have re-edited the series keeping the viewers' opinions in mind to make it better and to rectify the shortcomings.

The network further added, "The drama's producers have put all their energy into re-editing the show from the early stage of broadcasting, tightening the flow of the story and increasing its pace."

After the re-editing process, the length of the drama got cut show by two episodes and therefore it is to wrap up early.

Though, the drama made headlines as it brought back 'Jewel in the Palace' actress Lee Young Ae to small screen from her 14-year hiatus, the drama failed to meet the expectations of the viewers. It couldn't even manage to bring ratings higher than 10 percent.

Lee Young Ae in this new historic drama plays two characters. One is that of a modern-day historian who is known as Seo Ji Yoon and the other is a calligrapher artist known as Shin Saimdang of the Joseon era. The fantasy drama also stars Song Seung Hoon with a huge budget of 10 billion won. The strong star cast also didn't improve the viewership ratings of the drama.