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The "Love in the Moonlight" actor, Park Bo Gum appeared on the episode of the "Infinite Challenge" which aired on April 15. On the previous episode, the 23-year-old actor appeared at the end but on this week he appeared in the full episode.

According to the previous reports, Park Bo Gum filmed a special Pyeongchang Olympics episode with "Infinite Challenge," where the actor and the members of the show took parts in different missions around the Pyeongchang Olympics Stadium, which is the site for the Winter Olympics 2018.

According to Soompi report, apart from the tasks, practicing winter sports and the members of the show along with actor had a good time chatting and even advised him on his variety skills. The same report mentioned that Yoo Jae Suk made everyone practice ridiculous greetings that are suitable for variety show appearances. Though Park Bo Gum was last to go he picked it up really quickly and did not disappoint anyone.

They had different activities involving a banana boat, snow as well as heavy machinery. Once these tasks were complete, they all sat together for their lunch and chatted a bit while eating. During that time, Haha asked Park Bo Gum, "You said you live in Mok-dong, right?" to which the actor replied, yes. The next question took Bo Gum by surprise as Haha went on to ask, "So, when you meet up with your girlfriend what do you do?"

However, Bo Gum wittily replied saying, "I'd like to have a girlfriend."

Well, it is hard to say whether Bo Gum meant that he is ready to have a girlfriend or he already has one and tried to cover it up by saying so. Whatever it may be one thing is for sure, his presence of wit surely suggests that he is more than ready for variety shows.