Russia's own Area 51 exposed? Passenger captures mysterious light beneath the clouds mid-air

YouTube: Third Phase of Moon

Area 51 in the United States is widely considered the most secret military experiment base by conspiracy theorists all around the world. Now, a section of conspiracy theorists has claimed that Russia is also home to such a secret military base where alien experiments are underway.

According to wild claims surfaced online, Russian President Vladimir Putin is apparently hiding a secret alien base in the country's wasteland. To substantiate their claims, these conspiracy theorists have released a video captured from a plane window which shows a mystery light beneath the clouds.

Conspiracy theorists reveal that this video was apparently shot while travelling over a huge empty part of Russia. While the jet is in motion, the light spotted beneath the clouds remains completely still, and it indicates that it is coming out from a fixed area in the ground.

The video was initially uploaded by a YouTube user named Stan, and it was later shared by conspiracy theory channels including the Third Phase of Moon. The video uploaded by the Third Phase of Moon has attracted more than 25,000 views since its upload 18 hours back, and people who watched the video strongly argue that Vladimir Putin is intentionally trying to hide something from the public.

"It seems like it is out in the middle of nowhere. What kind of light would be emitting this bright orange mysterious glow? Maybe a UFO crashed? Or UFO experiments are taking place," said the narrator of the video.

As the video went viral, a YouTube user named Sherril Baylis argued that this light might be coming out from a place called the Hell Hole.

"That looks like the place they call the Hell Hole. It's a spot in Russia that has been burning since an oil well collapsed early last century," commented Baylis.

Another YouTube user Antia Eyre gave a convincing explanation and stated that the burning object is possibly a reflection of the light on the window from inside.