Alien shockproof or hoax? Image claims to show UFO with alien visible inside

alien inside UFO
YouTube: UFOmania

An eerie image apparently captured on May 01, 1980 in New Hampshire, US is now baffling UFO enthusiasts and alien experts. The image was first posted on the website of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and it shows a bright UFO hovering over a muddy farming field.

When UFO hunters zoomed in on the image, there appears to be a dark shape in front of the spacecraft. Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that this dark shape is nothing but an alien who came from outer space to visit the earth.

The image was later shared on YouTube by conspiracy theory channel 'UFOmania'. The narrator of the video posted by UFOmania claimed that the person who originally took the photo has described them about the eerie encounter.

"The UFO hovered for a second, turned and then took off," the narrator said.

As the video went viral on the internet, many people dismissed it as fake and they made it clear that the object spotted in the image is nothing but a tent with a lantern inside.

"Advanced species? There's not even a cup holder in that ship. Cool video, hard to tell what's legit these days unfortunately," commented Sebastian P, a YouTube user.

Some other people claimed that the misinterpretation of this image is the result of pareidolia, the strange property of the human mind to form a recognizable pattern or image on unknown objects.

However, adamant conspiracy theorists strongly believe that this image is a solid proof of extraterrestrial existence. They even claimed that governments are covering up the reality for unknown reasons.

"When UFO sceptics complain about proof. About needing to see a real alien body as proof. LoL, if our government wants to keep them a secret, how the F are you gonna get your "body"? And how is tens of thousands of videos, photos not good enough evidence??? honestly think every single sighting and encounter is a fake??? Well then that's on you for being so ignorant to what's going on around you!!!," commented Drew Bravo, a YouTube user who is convinced about alien existence.

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