1933 American Radio Show Surfaces, Time traveler predicted 100% accurately?

Contact with aliens in 2133, said his prediction

Time travel
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An audio recording, apparently from an American radio show released by conspiracy theory channel Apex TV, features the voice of an alleged time traveler who makes predictions about the world for the next 200 years.

Interestingly, most of the predictions made by the time traveler seem irresistible and compelling for many people who believe that time travel is a future reality.

"We were recently sent this audio file, which was a portion of an American radio show from the year 1933. The announcer makes predictions for the next 200 years. He says that in 2133, we will be able to look back to see if his predictions were accurate. Currently being in the year 2018, we can see that many of his predictions have already come true," writes Apex TV in the video's description.

The most startling prediction of the man is about the onset of the World War II. The man reveals that the world is going to witness a dreaded war in the near future, and it will force humans to become a more developed society. It should be noted that just six years after this prediction, in 1939, the second world war broke out resulting in the death of millions.

The time traveler also makes several predictions about various technological advancements in the future. He predicts that the radios of the modern era will be more compact, and the roads will be ruled by self-driving cars. He also hints at the widespread dominance of television sets stating that people in the modern world will entertain themselves by watching not listening.

The time traveler even made his predictions on alien life forms. According to the time traveler, the first contact with extra-terrestrials will happen before 2133, and from then, humans and these aliens will live together here.

"I predict in the next 200 years we will discover a new species, that is not from Earth but rather from a distant galaxy, and we will live together. Although I am interested to see if any of my predictions come true I may not live to see it. I hope this will come as value to someone, someday in the distant future," said the time traveler.

However, we should wait for another more 85 years to know whether the predictions of this time traveler about alien life will come true or not.