Russia Says Ukraine Secret Service Killed Darya Dugina Using Woman from Azov Battalion

Russia has officially accused Ukraine of assassinating Kremlin insider Alexander Dugin's daughter in a car bombing in Moscow.

Darya Dugina, the daughter of the prominent Putin loyalist was killed on Saturday evening when a blast blew up the car she was driving. There have been speculations that Alexander Dugin, who is known for pushing ultra nationalist causes in the Kremlin, was the actual target of the attack.

Darya Dugina
Darya Dugina Twitter

Chief among his hardline policies that are believed to have influenced Russian President Vladimir Putin was the use of violence to achieve the unification of Russian-speaking territories. his daughter Darya was also a staunch Putin supporter who actively championed the war against Ukraine.

Russia's Federal Security Service said on Monday that Ukraine's secret services were responsible for the killing of Darya. Russian news agencies cited FSB officials saying that a Ukrainian woman born in 1979 was the one who carried out the attack on Darya. The Russian secret service also named the alleged killer, while her picture was published on Russian news websites, Reuters reported.

The Plot

The Russian portals went ahead to report that the woman was a member of the Azov battalion, a neo-Nazi unit of the Ukraine military.

Alexander Dugin
Alexander Dugin on seeing his daughter's body Twitter

According to reports, the woman came to Moscow along with her teenage daughter and made preparations for the attack. The woman had rented an apartment in the same housing block where Dugina lived.

She also reportedly attended the function where Dugina and her father were present. She then allegedly carried out a controlled explosion of the young woman's Toyota Prado.

Reuters also reported that Russian officials have placed the woman on the wanted list.

The Killing

Meanwhile, Dugin said his daughter was 'savagely killed' in front of him. "Our hearts are not simply thirsting for revenge or retribution ... We only need our victory (against Ukraine) My daughter has sacrificed her young life on the altar of victory. So please win!" he wrote.

According to reports, Darya was instantly killed when her Toyota Land Cruiser Prado exploded in a firestorm burst in Bolshie Vyazemy, a town outside of Moscow.

Alexander Dugin with Darya Dugina
Alexander Dugin with daughter Darya Dugina Twitter

In other updates, reports said Dugin suffered a nervous breakdown after seeing the charred body of his daughter and was admitted to hospitals. There have also been speculations that he suffered a heart attack.

Dugin's Work and Influence

Dugin, who doesn't have any formal role in the Russian government, is a far-right author and TV personality.

Dugin's 1997 book Foundations of Geopolitics calls for Russian rule 'from Dublin to Vladivostok'. Dugin also claimed that not capturing Ukraine would be a danger for Eurasia.

Dugin was born in Moscow in 1962 and is known for works like Foundations of Geopolitics, which sets out his ultranationalist ideology.