Who was Daria Dugina? Conspiracy Theories of Kremlin Plot and Terror Attack After Killing of Putin Ally's Daughter

Daria Dugina, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, popularly referred to as Vladimir Putin's "brain" was killed in a car bomb blast on the outskirts of Moscow on Saturday night.

Dugina, 29 was a TV commentator and was driving the SUV while coming back after attending a cultural festival with her father. It is learnt that the SUV belonged to her father and that he decided to travel in a separate vehicle at the last moment.

The ongoing speculations on social media point towards a theory that the bomb was originally planted to kill Dugin as the SUV belonged to him but his daughter became the victim as she was driving her father's vehicle. Other theory being that Putin himself is behind the explosion owing to some recent conflict with Dugin.

Daria Dugina

Did Ukrainian Terrorists Plant the Bomb on Dugin's SUV?

According to a news report published by CBS News, Denis Pushilin, president of the separatist Donetsk People's Republic blamed it on "terrorists of the Ukrainian regime "trying to kill Alexander Dugin."

However, Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, denied Ukrainian involvement, saying on national TV that "We are not a criminal state, unlike Russia, and definitely not a terrorist state," the report stated further.

At the same time, a faction of people is saying that Dugina like her father supported Putin and his ideologies and was also on the radar of the anti-Putin groups in Russia as well as in Ukraine. The faction even suggested that Dugina because of her imperialistic views had made many enemies.

A Twitter user expressed his opinion adding, "Daria Dugina and Alexander Dugin are fascists who got what they deserved, though we must ask if this is the result of power struggle within the Russian elite. Dugin has been criticizing Putin recently, perhaps Putin felt dead propagandists are more useful to him than live ones."

Another Twitter user expressed, "A #Russian propagandist Daria Dugina was blown up in her father's car that was standing at the parking where the cameras hadn't been working for 2 weeks for some reason. #Russians accused #Ukraine in this explosion but information appeared that Russian partisans did it."