Rush Limbaugh's Death Reignites AIDS Update Segment Row; Liberals Mock Radio Host

US Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh breathed his last following a battle with lung cancer on Wednesday. In February, last year, Limbaugh had revealed that he was battling advanced stage of lung cancer. Limbaugh's wife, Kathryn Adams Limbaugh, announced his death in a statement.

"We, the Limbaugh family, are deeply saddened to announce that our beloved Rush has died," read the statement from Kathryn. The 70-year-old controversial host was awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by the former President Donald Trump, last year.

Rush Limbaugh
Political commentator Rush Limbaugh. Instagram

Limbaugh's Controversial AIDS Update Section Mocked Victims

In the past Limbaugh created a lot of buzz with his conspiracy theories involving former President Barack Obama, including his birthplace and the health care bill introduced in 2019. As the news of his death broke, social media was abuzz with the talks of his infamous AIDS Update segment, a regular on his show.

The New York Times reported that the radio host mocked several Americans who died everyday due to the fatal disease. Taking a jibe at gay men, Limbaugh played Dionne Warwick's recording of the song "I'll Never Love This Way Again," during the section.

Even though Limbaugh apologized for the insensitive segment, he was once again caught in a homophobic rant when he targeted Pete Buttigieg by stating that the Americans would be repelled by a "gay guy kissing his husband onstage," the outlet reported.

Rest in Piss Trends on Social Media

Even though many netizens paid tributes to Limbaugh following his death, there were several who condemned him with the hashtag Rest in Piss.

"Radio personality??? Rush Limbaugh was a poisoner of minds. A pathological liar, a racist, a fascist, the Joseph Goebbels of the GOP. #goodriddance #ripbozo Kayleigh Tucker Carlson Rest in Piss Medal of Freedom Bill O'Reilly Michael J. Fox Chelsea Clinton Satan Sandra Fluke," wrote a user.

"Rush Limbaugh mocked Eric Garner's death, Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's disease, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's cancer diagnosis, Kurt Cobain, people who died of AIDS, feminists, Civil Rights activists, and Native Americans. That's his legacy," wrote James Morrison.

"Don't celebrate Rush Limbaugh's death. Mourn his life," wrote a user as another added, "You want people to speak well of you after you're gone? Be a better person. You're mad the world is mocking Rush Limbaugh's death? That's on HIM and no one else. Simple as that, really.."