Graphic Video Shows New Mexico Cop Being Run Over by Car During Welfare Check

A Las Cruces Police department officer is in critical condition after being run over by a fleeing motorist during a welfare check conducted at a New Mexico Sonic Drive-in. The graphic video shows the cop being struck by the fast-moving car as the accused takes off after the cops were trying to take him into custody.

The incident comes days after a New Mexico State Police officer, Darian Jarrott, was shot dead during a highway stop confrontation. Jarrott, who joined the State Police in 2015, was previously working as state transportation inspector and local law enforcement officer.

new mexico cop
A Las Cruces Police department officer was run over by a car at Sonic Drive-in. Twitter

Cop Received Critical Leg Injuries, Rushed to Hospital

KTSM reported that the incident took place when the cop, during a welfare check on the driver, thought it necessary to take him into custody. The incident occurred just before 4.00 pm at the Sonic Drive-In at 2925 N. Main Street.

In a statement issued on its Facebook page, the Las Cruces Police Department stated that investigation is being conducted in the incident. "The officer suffered a serious injury to a leg and was rushed to a local hospital. There is no word on his condition at this time," read the statement.

The officer, whose identity wasn't disclosed by the authorities, suffered critical leg injuries in the run over. The cop was rushed to the hospital. There is currently no update on the officer's condition, the statement read.

Gun Shots Fired During the Incident

The police said that they believe at least one round was fired during the incident. Even though the motorist's vehicle was later located in a west Las Cruces neighborhood, his identity hasn't been confirmed yet.

The Las Cruces Police Department said: "The suspect has not been located, but police are looking to speak with 40-year-old Mark James Esquibel in relation to the incident. Police are asking that anyone with information on Esquibel's whereabouts should immediately call the department at (575) 526-0795."

The incident led to many social media users commenting on the incident. "The car was long gone before the shooting started. People could have been hit in the urban area. That's almost surely a reckless shooting. Hope the officer run over makes a full recovery," tweeted a user.

"People need to start supporting our law enforcement officers more n stop complaining when they have to use force. They always go in not knowing what to expect but they go in regardless. Prayers for all officers. May God keep them safe and protect them always," commented a user on FB.