Running Man's Kang Gary is married: Rapper announces wedding news on Instagram

The 39-year old rapper posted a picture on the instagram stating, "Today I got married to the person I love."

Kang Gary
Rapper Gary Kang in Taiwan.

Running Man's Kang Gary surprises his fans by making a sudden announment to his fans stating that he is married. The South Korean rapper took to his Instagram account to reveal the big news.

The 39-year old rapper posted a picture on the Instagram stating,"Today I got married to the person I love. We did not hold a wedding ceremony but rather decided to cherish this moment with just the two of us together. My wife is a non-celebrity and she is someone who captured my heart in an instant. I know this might seem like sudden news and some might have been shocked at it but I hope everyone can look towards the future and cheer us on. Please wish us happiness and joy. I will live happy for eternity."

Gary's Instagram post became viral within an hour, receiving more than 60,000 likes and over 5000 comments.

The news came as a shock to the fans and they expressed it on his social media page. One fan, rainythanhthao203 commented, "Oppa, why??? Who??? When??? How???"

Another fan, sbrnbinaa congratulated the newlywed couple, and commented, "OMG i hope both of you have a happy and beautiful life!!"

While some doubted Gary's post as the news was so sudden and nrsdyoexo wrote, "prank or not?"

Some fans were sad as the Monday Couple was finally over as ngan_bts commented, "Goodbye Monday Couple"

This article was first published on April 5, 2017