South Korean singer Kwon Ji Yong, known as G-Dragon Reuters

Management label of G-Dragon, YG Entertainment confirmed that the rapper will be holding his first solo concert first time in four years. It not only confirmed the news but also promised to provide the rest of the updates. His last solo concert titled "One of a Kind" dated back to 2013.

According to allkpop, YG Entertainment confirmed the reports about G-Dragon's solo concert after News Prim exclusively reported that the pop star will hold the concert on June 10 at the Seoul World Cup stadium. In response to that YG Entertainment stated, "G-Dragon's solo concert is currently in planning. We will officially announce the exact date and details once confirmed."

According to the reports, apart from the Big Bang's leader, the other members such as Daesung, Taeyang and Seungri are also working on their individual projects. This is because the main rapper and the oldest member, T.O.P. is away and is fulfilling the mandatory duty to the country by reportedly serving as a conscripted police officer.

In 2009, G-Dragon held his first solo concert after he released his first solo album "Heartbreaker." In 2013, he launched a world tour named "One of a Kind" before he released his second album "Coup d'Etat."

The fans are eagerly waiting for his third and upcoming album but the details have not been shared about it. Fans, however, speculate that it will be a collaboration between the K-Popstar and his idol, "Happy" singer Pharell Williams.

The first Big Bang member to release a solo album this year was Daesung who released his Japanese mini-album "D-Day."

According to Korea Portal, Seungri revealed that he is working on his own solo album and also hinted that there can be a collaboration with WINNER's Song Min Ho.

Fans will have to wait for the exact date and details about G-Dragon's comeback but the good thing is, it's happening for sure.