Park Bo Gum and Irene
Park Bo Gum and Red Velvet's Irene as Music Bank's MC Tumblr

The "Reply 1988" actor Park Bo Gum and Red Velvet's Irene were recently spotted with similar outfits reminding the fans how closely bonded they are. It is to be reminded that Irene and Park Bo Gum were known as the 'ultimate visual couple' when they were hosting together at KBS's Music Bank. Since then the fans have always wanted to see them together as a real couple.

In fact, it was soon followed by dating rumours but Irene debunked all such dating rumours and revealed her true feelings toward the actor. Fans, however, want to see then together in any show or program. The fans hope that they come together again to show off their amazing chemistry on stage.

Recently Koreaboo reported that Park Bo Gum and Irene were spotted wearing similar matching outfits. They were both spotted wearing the same hat and the same black-and-white baseball tee.

Irene was spotted in the said dress when she was walking around with her Red Velvet members in Thailand. Whereas, Park Bo Gum was seen wearing the similar outfit during the 2nd episode of Youth Over Flowers In Africa that aired last month.

Some fans claimed it to be nothing unusual and even they own similar kind of shirts and hat as it is very common and some fans speculated that the clothes are sponsored. Some doubted if actually there is something between the two.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki seems inseparable, be it their fan-meets, commercials or in the pictures on their Instagram accounts. Reports about their alleged romance have hit the headlines a number of times. However, it is only the 23- year old actor who can reveal what is his current relationship status and what relation he shares with Joong Ki and Irene.