Running Man: This is how Kwang-soo overtly tries to make Song Ji Hyo feel special

Despite being the top "betrayer" of the show, the actor is always looking out for others.

Lee Kwang-soo
Lee Kwang-soo in 'Running Man.'

There has been so much heartache and disappointment surrounding the recent controversy in 'Running Man' that it is all the more important to remember and discover the positive elements of the participants. One of them is none other than South Korean actor Lee Kwang-soo.

Lee, who began his career as a model, has worked in 10 films and numerous television dramas and variety shows. He became a household name following his participation in SBS's 'Running Man.' In the show Kwang-soo has a very funny but slightly dumb and clumsy image. He is called "betrayer" and "framing master" and as pointed out by Koreaboo, he is sometimes misunderstood as a shallow person. There could be nothing further than the truth.

He has been a part of 'Running Man since its very first season and his most standout trait has always been his readiness to help out others. To regular fans his devotion to the show's only regular female member, actress Song Ji Hyo, is apparent. Of course, all 'Running Man' participants were protective of the beautiful and kind Ji Hyo but Kwang-soo was extra-caring towards her, treating her like a big sister, whom he had a responsibility to protect.

Even though on-screen the two are seen in opposition, competing against each other, fighting and bickering in real life they are the best of friends. Kwang-soo is always looking out for Ji Hyo. Every time she falls down he is the first person to rush to her aid. When they gather around the dinner table he is always being a gentleman and pulling out a chair for her. Every time they have to go out on the streets; in the outside world, he looks out for her, making sure she's never in harm's way. If she's left behind in a race he'll slow down for her to catch up.

It's not just Song Ji Hyo, he's kind to everyone around him. He shows up on set early to set and greets all staff members. Often called "Giraffe" due to his tall and lanky frame, he looks after guests in the show, ensuring they never face discomfort. Once he passed his own jacket to a guest who felt uncomfortable trying to cover her skirt. He has been known to take out others' garbage and even wipe guests and his 'Running Man' co-stars faces when they are having food.

Speaking to Sports Chosun, as quoted by Hellokpop, actor actor Lee Dong Hwi, who co-starred with Lee Kwang-soo in TVN channel's 'Entourage,' said Kwathe latter is "a contrast to the image of his rather hilarious character in Running Man." He added further that "Lee is a well-mannered man with a warm heart and charisma. While at work, he is professional on set, with a keen understanding."

"I am very trustworthy. I know I am known as the icon of betrayal in 'Running Man,' but in real life, I try to do the right thing," Kwang-soo had said at the launch of the animated film 'Marine Police Marco' to the approval of co-star Song Ji Hyo, as quoted by KDrama Stars. It is quite understandable why 'Running Man' fans love him so much. After all, his hilarious, fun-filled nature and his kindness towards others make him someone to aspire to.

This article was first published on December 26, 2016