Who is real Kim Jong Kook? Producers reveal facts about Running Man star

Producer of Running Man and other cast members reveal what Kim Jong Kook is truly like off camera.

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Running Man
Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong in 'Running Man.' instagram.com/sbs_runningman_sbs

South Korean singer and TV personality Kim Jong-kook has been an active participant in variety shows like X-man and Family Outing and gained a world-wide popularity for being part of the popular SBS variety show, Running Man. To the viewers he was "Mr Capable" and "SpartaKook" but who is he to his colleagues and producers?

Kim Jong Kook True Character

When Running Man's PD was asked about Kim Jong-kook, he said, "Kim Jongkook knows about all the bad things haters say about him but he tries his best not to think about it." He further added, "He has a strong desire and amazing spirit, he works hard," Koreaboo reported.

When Kwangsoo was asked about Kim Jong Kook, he said: "Kim Jongkook is really hard working. I talked to him one time about the role he has in Running Man. I thought it'd be burdensome to take on the role of the tough, manly character. He told me that he needs to take responsibility for his own choices. He chose to be a part of Running Man, so he'll work hard to be the character he's supposed to be for the show."

Gary said Kim Jong Kook was a great support and revealed: "During the first recording of Running Man, I was very nervous. However, Kim Jongkook patted me on the back and gave me confidence."

End of Running Man

On 13 December 2016, it was revealed that Kim will be leaving the popular SBS Variety Show together with the female Running Man cast Song Ji Hyo. It was also reported that neither of them had an idea about their departure, which came as a shock to the fans.

However, following the controversy involving Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo's leave, the producers of the hit variety show on the very next day after having a meeting the producers and cast members decided that they will end the show by February 2017 and end it on good terms.

This article was first published on December 25, 2016