Rose Montoya: Trans Model Who Flashed Breasts at White House Is Daughter of a Pastor and Supported Dylan Mulvaney in the Wake of Bud Light Controversy

According to her website, in 2019, she publicly disclosed that she identified as non-binary, although it is unspecified what her previous male name was.

Rose Montoya, a transgender model from Idaho who bared her boobs on the White House lawn during President Joe Biden's Pride party, is a pastor's daughter who transitioned after participating in drag at college. Montoya, 27, was banned from the White House after she bared her breasts and then cupped on the South Lawn as others watched her in shock.

Her actions were slammed by outraged conservatives, which they linked to the X-rated material found on First Son Hunter Biden's laptop. This eventually led the White House to suspend Montoya for her "inappropriate and disrespectful" behavior. However, Montoya has been defending her actions and is yet to apologize.

Controversy Queen

Rose Montoya
Rose Montoya seen baring her breasts and cupping them on the South Lawn of White House Twitter

This comes as it was revealed that Montoya, who has thousands of followers on social media had complained about companies shying away from LGBTQ+ influencers in the wake of the recent Dylan Mulvaney controversy surrounding the Bud Light campaign.

Montoya, 27, unhooked the top of her dress and grabbed her breasts on the South Lawn on Saturday, as someone shouted, "are we topless at the White House?"

A video of the move has since gone viral on social media, with the White House banning her after facing severe backlash from veterans and conservatives.

The activist states on her website that she identified as a girl from an early age and is seen referring to herself as "Queen Rose." Montoya grew up in Burley, Idaho, with her religious parents and four siblings before the family relocated to Arizona.

Montoya's mother, Kathryn, aged 57, works as a speech therapist and founded the Commissioned Believers Deaf Ministry, where her husband Raymond, aged 60, served as a pastor.

Among Montoya's siblings is Joshua, aged 25, who prefers to be called 'Prince Joshua' and occasionally shares explicit content on social media.

Montoya also has three sisters: Rachael, aged 34; Natalie, aged 31; and Emily, aged 19, who is both adopted and deaf. In an apparent display of support, Montoya's mother shared a reel on her Instagram page where she appeared topless.

Rose Montoya
Rose Montoya seen posing with President Joe Biden moments before she flashed her breasts Twitter

According to Montoya, her religious family initially made it challenging for her to come out, and she was involuntarily disclosed as transgender during her sophomore year of high school.

Montoya attended Seattle University and graduated in June 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film Studies. During that time, she began performing in drag before officially coming out as transgender later that year.

In 2015, Montoya started undergoing gender-affirming hormone therapy and legally changed her name to Rosalynne Montoya. She also publicly identified as bisexual in 2016.

Rose has mentioned that despite her efforts, the state of Idaho, where she was born, has not allowed her to change her birth certificate. However, all of her other legal documents have been updated to reflect her female gender.

Rose Montoya
Rose Montoya seen dancing at the White House Pride party Twitter

According to her website, in 2019, she publicly disclosed that she identified as non-binary, although it is unspecified what her previous male name was.

In 2021, she mentioned that she had undergone three gender-affirming surgeries; however, she did not undergo bottom surgery.

Supporting Dylan Mulvaney

This comes as it was also revealed that Montoya had actively shown her support toward another trans activist Dylan Mulvaney. She even moaned that US brands have "gone quiet" on LGBTQ influencers in the wake of the Bud Light controversy.

In an interview with The Guardian on Tuesday, Montoya expressed her disappointment with companies becoming hesitant to support Pride, especially considering the Bud Light controversy.

"I've spoken to a lot of my trans friends and colleagues, and we've all noticed less brands seeking partnerships and smaller budgets for Pride campaigns," said Montoya.

"It's disappointing."

Rose Montoya
Rose Montoya with Jill Biden at the LGBT Pride party at White House Twitter

In March, Bud Light collaborated with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, which had a devastating impact and resulted in a significant decline in the brand's value, with billions of dollars being wiped off the company's market value.

As of Tuesday night, the parent company, Anheuser-Busch, saw a decline of approximately 17 percent in its stock price and market capitalization from its peak in March.

Montoya said that she believes that brands are capitulating to a vocal and angry group of individuals.

"I'm disappointed to see brands caving to bullies," Montoya said.

"When it comes to Pride, I need to know if a company is doing good in the world and actually showing up for our community.

"I'm very selective of who I work with, and I need to know that a company is doing good in the world, not just profiting off of us."

Rose Montoya
Rose Montoya Instagram

Montoya attended the Queerties Awards in March, where she met up with Mulvaney. She disclosed earlier this year that she was undergoing treatment for herpes.

According to her LinkedIn page, Montoya has been featured in modeling campaigns for brands such as TomboyX, Savage X Fenty, and Yandy. She has also delivered speeches at prestigious institutions like Yale University and Stanford University.

In terms of her surgical procedures, Montoya has been candid about her breast augmentation in September 2020, trachea shave to remove the Adam's Apple in November 2020, and genioplasty to create a more feminine chin in March 2021. She financed a Brazilian Butt Lift operation by creating an OnlyFans account earlier this year.