Trouble for Kellogg's? Trans Influencer Dylan Mulvaney Poses with Tony the Tiger at Tony Awards after Stumbling in Shock at Sight of Frosted Flakes Mascot

Mulvaney took a photo with Tony the Tiger, who exchanged his recognizable red scarf for a personalized bow tie bearing his name but was left frightened by the mascot.

Dylan Mulvaney, 26, demonstrated that blondes enjoy themselves more by posing with Tony the Tiger cereal in her arms but not before she was frightened by the Frosted Flakes mascot on the magenta carpet of the 76th Tony Awards in New York City.

Mulvaney uploaded a video to Instagram in which she can be seen on the carpet being spooked by the tiger and hilariously falling over as a result. The transgender influencer made an appearance on the 76th Tony Awards magenta carpet at United Palace Theater on Sunday night while sporting a mesh corset-covered black outfit adorned with diamonds.

Scared and Out of Control

Dylan Mulvaney
Dylan Mulvaney was frightened by Tony the Tiger at the Tony Awards Twitter

Mulvaney took a photo with Tony the Tiger, who exchanged his recognizable red scarf for a personalized bow tie bearing his name but was left frightened by the mascot. "That just scared the hell out of me," Mulvaney wrote as she and the photogs could be heard giggling at the encounter.

"Tony is thrilled to celebrate all the amazing talent and present them with a new 'Tony' moment after the curtain falls," Laura Newman, senior director of brand marketing at Kellogg Company told Fansided.

Dylan Mulvaney
Dylan Mulvaney at the Tony Awards Twitter

Mulvaney, who majored in musical theater in college, performed as Elder White in The Book of Mormon's 2019 national tour.

In other photos, Tony the Tiger extended his arm to help the transgender activist and performer make her way down the carpet before the night's most important events.

Mulvaney continued by displaying her garment in all of its glory in front of a Tony Awards backdrop that was heavily covered in leaves after the Frosted Flakes mascot scare.

Numerous people who praised the TikToker liked and commented on a photo of Mulvaney that Tony's Facebook page uploaded.

"Stunning," Facebook user Brenda Ashdown Whitney wrote.

"She looks so pretty!" shared Rocky Enclada.

"Love the blond hair! Gorgeous," another person added.

Dylan Mulvaney
Dylan Mulvaney with Tony the Tiger at the Tony Awards Twitter

Mulvaney attended the event through a partnership with Meta, as stated in her Instagram post. She expressed her excitement at being able to attend Broadway's biggest night in her video, particularly in light of her theater background.

However, not everyone was in favor of the trans activist attending the event. If Mulvaney's appearance with the popular Frosted Flakes mascot suggests a partnership, Kellogg's could be headed to a controversial outcome.

"She's only here because of the controversy," one Facebook user wrote.

Kellogg's Headed for Controversy?

The user was making reference to the Bud Light issue, in which Mulvaney was hired by the company to praise their product, leading to widespread criticism. According to Fox News, Mulvaney's recent LGBTQIA+ campaign with Bud Light has drawn a lot of criticism and cost Anheuser-Busch $27 billion in market value.

Dylan Mulvaney
Dylan Mulvaney in the Bud Light commercial Twitter

Bud Light later apologized to its customers only half-heartedly after originally supporting the action.

Several other companies including Target, Nike, Cracker Barrel, and Kohls, have since witnessed repercussions for releasing pride-related merchandise.

Target unveiled a collection of children's clothes with Pride-themed designs as well as "tuck-friendly" swimwear for trans women who have not undergone gender-affirming procedures.

Since mid-May, the company's shares have plunged 20 percent, wiping off $15 billion in market value, partly due to investor concerns about inflation's impact on shoppers. However, woke companies are continuing to promote the LGBTQIA+ community in spite of the criticism.

Target is still a platinum supporter of NYC Pride, which requires a $175,000 commitment, despite taking certain Pride-related products off the shelves.

In a recent interview with the LGBTQ+ publication 'Them,' Mulvaney stated that she will only partner with companies who wish to assist all transgender persons.

Dylan Mulvaney
Dylan Mulvaney's face seen on the new Bud Light can Twitter

"If a brand wants to work with me so bad, then they should work with other trans people, too," Mulvaney told the magazine.

"It's not enough to just hire me, this white, skinny trans girl. I want all the dolls getting all the brand deals," she continued.