Robert Shiver Hired PI to Track Cheating Wife Lindsay Shiver in the Bahamas with Her Lover Before She Orchestrated Murder-for-Hire Plot

Robert allegedly confronted Bethel and sarcastically thanked him for confirming his suspicions about his wife's affair before filing for divorce.

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A former college football star, who believed he was the intended target of an assassination plot orchestrated by his ex-cheerleader wife, hired a private investigator to locate her lover before the suspected murder-for-hire plot unfolded.

Robert Shiver, a former Auburn University long snapper, 38, reportedly hired an expensive private investigator to monitor his wife Lindsay Shiver's activities while she was on the island of Abaco in the Bahamas because he suspected her of being unfaithful, the New York Post reported. The private investigator eventually caught Lindsay with her partner, Terrance Adrien Bethel, a 28-year-old bartender. Robert eventually confronted her bartender Bahamian lover.

As Dirty as It Gets

Lindsay Shiver
Lindsay with Robert Shiver Instagram

Facing an impending contentious custody battle for their three children and millions in real estate holdings spread from Georgia to the Caribbean, Robert paid the investigator to monitor his wife of 13 years at various local haunts near their home in the upscale Baker's Bay community.

During one incident, the private investigator even snapped shots of Lindsay with a local man, who later turned out to be the innocent manager of Grabbers Bar and Grill, the New York Post reported.

Robert, upon seeing the photos, confronted the bewildered staff member, who expressed complete unawareness of the situation.

The private investigator eventually caught Lindsay with Bethel. Robert allegedly confronted Bethel and sarcastically thanked him for confirming his suspicions about his wife's affair before filing for divorce.

Lindsay Shiver
Lindsay Shiver Instagram

"Thanks for taking care of my wife," Robert told Bethel after the pictures — expected to play a pivotal role in their divorce proceeding — were secured.

According to sources, the investigator captured photos of the couple in various locations, including the Nassau, Bahamas, airport.

Lindsay is alleged to have been hooking up with Bethel for several months after meeting him during a vacation in Great Guana Cay, where Robert's family owns property.

Following the discovery of her affair, Robert cut off her access to the luxurious residence and family's private jet in April, leading to the divorce filing on grounds of "adulterous conduct."

Terrance Adrien Bethel
Terrance Adrien Bethel Twitter

In response, Lindsay filed a counter-claim, accusing Robert of domestic abuse and stating that any extramarital relationship occurred after their separation.

Fight for Property and Children

Since then, Robert and their three sons, all under 12 years old, have stayed at their $2.5 million marital home in Thomasville, while Lindsay reportedly traveled back and forth to the Bahamas to be with Bethel.

Lindsay Shiver
Lindsay Shiver Instagram

"It's common knowledge that they are dating," a friend told "It was like a crazy love affair between them."

During the intense court proceedings, detectives stumbled upon Lindsay's alleged murder-for-hire plot while investigating a break-in at Grabbers.

They requested staff, including Bethel, to hand over their phones for examination and uncovered WhatsApp messages that involved discussions between Bethel, Lindsay, and aspiring rapper Faron Newbold about killing Robert.

At the time, Robert was visiting his family home in the nearby Baker's Bay independently of his estranged wife. He got frightened for his life and promptly returned to the US with their children upon being informed by the police about the plot.

On July 21, all three involved in the alleged murder-for-hire plot - Lindsay, Bethel, and Newbold - were arrested.

Lindsay Shiver
Lindsay Shiver with her husband Robert Shiver and their children Instagram

Subsequently, more incriminating messages were discovered on their devices, according to a reliable source.

Among the messages was one in which Lindsay sent Newbold a picture of her husband, accompanied by the words "Kill him." Lindsay later admitted to sending those texts but asserted that she was merely venting her emotions to her friends.

After their arrest, Lindsay, Bethel, and Newbold were shifted from Great Guana Cay to Nassau. Lindsay is currently detained at Fox Hill, a facility that has faced criticism from Amnesty International due to its dismal conditions and significant rates of inmate suicides.

The alleged co-conspirators were released on Thursday after posting a $20,000 bail. As part of their release conditions, they are required to wear electronic monitoring tags and must check in at the Marsh Harbour police station three times a week.