Lindsay Shiver Was Living Double Life in the Bahamas and Sent Photos of Her Ex-NFL Player Husband to Hitman with Message Reading 'Kill Him'

Lindsay, an Alabama native, began to undergo a transformation after making frequent visits to the island of Abaco, where the family owned a second home.

Georgia housewife Lindsay Shiver allegedly sent photos of her ex-football player husband to a hitman based in the Bahamas, along with a message instructing the hitman to "kill him." This comes as it was revealed that the mom-of-three lived a "double life" in the Bahamas and openly engaged in an affair with the man who conspired with her in the alleged plot.

The 36-year-old ex-cheerleader has been in custody at a bleak Nassau prison for the last two weeks after police uncovered evidence concerning a "murder-for-hire" plan aimed at her wealthy 38-year-old husband, Robert Shiver, reported. If proven guilty, she might end up spending years in jail.

Double Life and a Murder Plan

Lindsay and Robert Shiver
Lindsay and Robert Shiver (left) and with their children. Instagram

Lindsay presented herself as the ideal Southern belle housewife, with a seemingly perfect family and a husband who was a former Auburn football player named Robert Shiver. But now she is behind bars.

She is accused of conspiring with her 28-year-old lover and barman, Terrance Adrien Bethel, to enlist 29-year-old Faron Newbold, alias Faylo, for the intended attack on her husband. Thankfully, Robert has returned safely to Thomasville, Georgia, along with their three young sons.

According to sources speaking to the New York Post, Lindsay, an Alabama native, began to undergo a transformation after making frequent visits to the island of Abaco, where the family owned a second home.

During this time, she allegedly started an affair with Terrance Adrien Bethel, who is now one of her co-accused in the case.

Lindsay Shiver
Lindsay Shiver Instagram

"She lived a double life — this Georgia housewife with the lovely kids and the Bahamas bad girl. She got caught up in something really bad. It's sad," a source told The New York Post on Friday.

The friend said that she suspected Lindsay of having an affair, and toward the end, she stopped keeping it a secret, particularly after her husband Robert filed for divorce and cited her infidelity as the reason.

"From the outside looking in it was all perfect," the friend said. "But she was bored for a long time. Lindsay was a firecracker."

Lindsay Shiver
Lindsay Shiver Instagram

Based on documents obtained by, during her police interview, the petite blonde reportedly had a breakdown and allegedly admitted to sending photos and messages to Faron Newbold, instructing him to carry out the murder of her husband, whom she had been married to for 13 years.

In response to Robert's divorce filing, Shiver made accusations of domestic abuse against him, claiming that he had physically assaulted her in the presence of their young sons, all of whom are under the age of 12.

During this time, Lindsay openly spent time not only with Terrance Adrien Bethel, who works at a bar near the Shiver's Bahamas home but also with his friends.

Lindsay Shiver
Lindsay Shiver with her husband Robert Shiver and their children Instagram

"I think she thought he was exciting, he was different," the friend went on. "He's a smooth guy, he likes to socialize with the tourists and the people with second homes here."

Dirty Secrets

On Friday, both Bethel and Newbold, the two co-accused, were seen for the first time in several social media posts. Bethel attempted to avoid reporters when he arrived at the Marsh Harbour police station on Friday afternoon, as part of the requirements of his bail conditions.

Terrance Adrien Bethel
Terrance Adrien Bethel Twitter

He was seen wearing a pink t-shirt and sweatpants, and he smirked before quickly leaving in a black Ford truck.

On the other hand, Newbold, who aspires to be a music producer, is the son of a local Marsh Harbour politician. Despite his musical ambitions, he works as an engineer for a power company during the day.

When asked whether she believed her son could be involved in being a hitman, Faron Newbold's mother, Melissa, responded sharply, stating, "Not interested."

An acquaintance of Newbold shared with that they found it highly improbable for him to be associated with such activities, implying that he did not fit the profile of a hitman.

"He comes from a good family and has a good job. I've never known him to be involved in anything like this," the pal said.

Both Bethel and Newbold were released on Thursday after posting $20,000 bail each. However, Lindsay will need to secure five times that amount in cash and convince a judge that she has a suitable place to stay in the Bahamas before she can be released with an electronic ankle tag.

Lindsay Shiver
Lindsay Shiver Instagram

Lindsay was arrested last month by Bahamian police when they came across her suspected plot while conducting an investigation into a theft at the bar where Bethel was employed. During their investigation, they examined Bethel's phone, leading to the discovery of evidence related to the alleged 'murder-for-hire' scheme involving Shiver.

According to a Bahamian police source, Shiver confessed to sending the incriminating text messages. However, she later claimed that she did not actually intend to carry out the assassination threat. Instead, she claimed that she was merely venting her frustration during the difficult process of her divorce.

"To be honest, I'm sure she fantasized about it as the divorce got nasty and she felt desperate, but it's just hard to believe she would think she could get away with it," a second friend told The Post. "I'm just really sad for those three kids, they're wonderful."

Lindsay Shiver
Lindsay with Robert Shiver Instagram

Lindsay was a local pageant queen and former cheerleader who had three sons with her football star husband, Robert. They first met in 2007 during a fitness class at Auburn University.

The couple lived in a $2.5 million mansion in Thomasville, Georgia. Robert's father, Allen Shiver, was the CEO of the billion-dollar baking company Flower Foods.

Robert himself was identified as the executive vice president of Senior Life Insurance Company in Thomasville. As part of the ongoing divorce proceedings, he is seeking sole custody of their three sons.

In the divorce records, it's revealed that Robert cut off Lindsay from their family home in Baker's Bay and prohibited her from using the family's private jet.