Robert Card: Maine Mass Shooter Who Killed 18 and Was Earlier Committed to Mental Health Facility Arrived in a Subaru Outback Before Opening Fire

During the summer, Card was involuntarily committed to a mental health facility and subsequently discharged after a two-week period, as per additional information from sources.

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Robert Card, the person of interest in the Maine mass shooting that left at least 18 dead and 60 injured, likely came in a Subaru Outback. Police released a photo of a white Subaru Outback on Wednesday night. Card, 40, is a trained firearms instructor who spent two weeks in a mental health facility this summer, as per law enforcement sources.

He is the focus of an extensive manhunt related to the tragic events in the city of Lewiston on Wednesday night, as confirmed by the local police department. "Card should be considered armed and dangerous," the department said. "Please contact law enforcement if you are aware of his whereabouts."

What We Know About the Suspect

Robert Card
The Maine shooting suspect identified as Robert Card seen armed with an AR-15 rifle as he opens fire on multiple locations X

The 2013 white Suburu Outlook was seen abandoned outside Sparetime bowling alley, the first of the three locations where Card opened fire. Card hails from Bowdoin, Maine, and according to sources, he is believed to be an Army Reservist stationed in Saco, Maine.

Reports suggest that he has been grappling with mental health problems, including recently reporting "hearing voices" and making threats to carry out a shooting at the military training base in Saco.

Robert Card
The white Subaru Outback in which Robert Card is believed to have arrived X

During the summer, Card was involuntarily committed to a mental health facility and subsequently discharged after a two-week period, as per additional information from sources.

Further details regarding Card's mental state were not immediately available at the time.

A phone number associated with Card was reported to be out of service, according to the Associated Press.

CNN reported that Card had apparently lost his job recently.

Robert Card
Robert Card Facebook

He pursued engineering studies at the University of Maine from 2001 to 2004, though it remains unclear whether he completed his degree, as confirmed by a school spokesperson to NBC News.

During a Wednesday night press conference, officials offered limited details about the shootings and did not disclose the exact number of victims.

Nonetheless, law enforcement sources have indicated that at least 22 people lost their lives, and numerous others were injured in the shootings that occurred at a bar and bowling alley in Lewiston.

Card was armed with an AR-15-style rifle equipped with laser optics when he entered the bowling alley at 7:15 p.m.

Eric Samson, the sheriff of Androscoggin County, reported at 11:20 pm that law enforcement officers had located the vehicle in Lisbon, which is around seven miles southeast of Lewiston.

However, Card was not found inside the vehicle at that time.

Manhunt On

Other reports claim that Card was arrested earlier on child pornography charges and is a repeated sex offender.

Robert Card
Robert Card seen opening fire at one of the three locations in Maine X

A photograph released by the sheriff's office showed a white man entering the Sparetime recreation center with an AR-15-style rifle equipped with a laser optic. The man was wearing black combat trousers and a brown top, and his face was clearly visible in the image.

Local councilor Robert McCarthy said that the tragic incident occurred during a children's bowling party at Sparetime. Justin Juray, one of the bowling alley's owners, described the scene as being in a state of "total chaos."

McCarthy also mentioned that the police had a "tentative identity" for the gunman.

The Maine State Police said that they believe the armed suspect is currently in Lewiston. They have advised local residents and businesses to secure their doors and stay in place as a safety measure.

Joe Pennington, a Walmart spokesman, said: "This shooting did not occur on Walmart property."

McCarthy told CNN: "My understanding is that they have a tentative identification. They have set up the National Guard center as a triage center.

"The hospitals have called up all off-duty staff. Our hospitals are not geared to cope with this, but they are doing the best they can. We are blessed with the best police in the state, and I am sure they are doing all they can."

Robert Card
Robert Card X

Asked about efforts to identify the gunman, McCarthy said: "They have a picture of a vehicle they believe he was in, and they have some unique characteristics - the front bumper is black. I'm told they have the plate number. I'm told they are looking for him hard."

Videos shared on social media showed police racing to the scene in the town of Lewiston, which has a population of approximately 36,000 people.

There were 29 total homicides in Maine last year, according to State Department of Public Safety statistics cited by NBC News.

This article was first published on October 26, 2023