Rihanna Announces Second Pregnancy During Super Bowl Halftime Performance? Speculations as Singer Rubs Belly While Showing Off 'Baby Bump'

Pop star Rihanna's performance for the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, sparked pregnancy rumours after she was seen rubbing her belly multiple times during the performance. The singer and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky welcomed a baby boy in May, last year.

Rihanna performed during the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Twitter

Rihanna Leaves Everyone Dazzled with Her Performance

Wearing a bright red jumpsuit which was unzipped till waist to show off a red colored body suit, Rihanna performed on a medley of songs. The singer started her performance with the controversial "B**ch better have my money" while standing on a floating platform in the middle of the field.

The performance was been as Rihanna's comeback since her last live performance in January 2018. The singer has also not released any new album since 2016.

The Independent reported that Rihanna recently claimed that finding a work-life balance has been "impossible" to achieve following the birth of her son. "It's very different," she said. "The balance is almost impossible, because no matter how you look at it, work is always something that's going to rob you of time with your child.

"That's the currency now, and that's where it goes, the magnitude of how much it weighs. When you make decisions on what you're going to say yes to, it has to be worth it."

Is Rihanna Really Pregnant?

Even though there has been no official announcement either from the singer or her partner about a the pair's second pregnancy, the social media went wild after spotted Rihanna's 'baby bump'.

There were many who congratulated Rihanna on her 'second pregnancy'. "Rihanna using her #SuperBowl performance as a pregnancy announcement is why no one will ever touch her," tweeted a user.

"I think it was completely purposeful. Jessie J was just talking about how Rihanna told her to show off her pregnancy because you never know. The style and choreo was specifically planned for this. She would have zipped it a little if wasn't a reveal in my opinion," read another tweet.

However, there were a few who claimed the 'bump' to be a result of first delivery. "Y'all so used to women slapping on waist trainers & getting surgeries trying to "snapback" after giving birth that y'all think anything bigger than a flat tummy means pregnant. What if Rihanna is just postpartum??? Let her announce her pregnancy if she is," wrote a user.

"My favorite thing about tonight's halftime show is listening to all these men at this party trying to figure out if Rihanna is pregnant again or celebrating her post-pregnancy curves," read another tweet.