'The Return of Superman' Single Mother Controversy: Will KBS Continue Sayuri in the Show?

KBS has given a befitting answer to netizens who questioned single mother Sayuri's presence in the show 'The Return of Superman'.

KBS show The Return of Superman is in news following TV personality Sayuri and her son Zen's appearance. Some netizens have demanded KBS to cancel the deal with Sayuri, claiming she was a single mother. But KBS has now taken a decision and announced its stand on Sayuri and Zen's participation in the show.

KBS is showcasing the life of a single mother for the first time in The Return of Superman. Some netizens claimed that Sayuri's appearance on the show would encourage abnormal families. People have also started a petition to take Sayuri out of the show. But KBS has decided to stand by its and Sayuri's decision. Here is how KBS gave a befitting reply to those trying to malice motherhood.

TV personality Sayuri with her son Zen. Instagram

The Return of Superman Motto

Chief Producer of the program Kang Bong Kyu stated that the show aims at showing viewers that family structures were becoming diverse in modern society, just like Sayuri's family. "Currently, the percentage of single-parent families in South Korea has reached 7.3 percent, seeing a rapid rise in recent years. With growing interest toward the structures of single-parent families, many legal benefits which were previously only available to married couple families are now also in the process of being offered to single-parent families," said Bong Kyu.

"Sayuri's family is likewise only one of the diverse families that exists in society today, and as with all endeavors to create a happy family, her actions have received much praise and encouragements from others. Our aim is not to say that we prefer one over the other. One of the roles of public broadcasts is to show different perspectives," he added.

He also said that program intends to tell stories of families who are growing together. He confirmed that Sayuri and her son Zen will continue to be a part of The Return of Superman. "The program will be showcasing Sayuri's daily life as a new mother as it is. We would appreciate it if viewers can watch over her decision," he said.

The show depicts celebrity fathers caring for their kids for 48 hours without the help of anyone else. The mothers of children leave the home before filming during the time of filming, i.e. 48 hours. Fathers have to not only entertain the kids but have to look into their every need including taking care of their food, bathing them, and putting them to sleep for two days. Thus, Sayuri is the first celebrity mother to join the show.

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