Residents of North Wales Town Spot UFO Shaped Like an 'Audi R8' Speeding Through the Night Sky

As per videos captured by the residents, the car-shaped object was surrounded by a bright light as it zoomed across the night sky.

Residents of Colwyn Bay in North Wales were baffled by the sight of an unidentified object 'shaped like an Audi R8' hovering over their quiet town last week.

The mysterious car-shaped object appeared to be surrounded by a bright white light as it zoomed across the night sky. As per videos captured by one of the residents, Matthew Norbury the object made regular sharp turns and was slightly bouncing, NorthWalesLive reported.

This abrupt change in direction has prompted a small discussion about the possibilities of the object being a 'fireball meteor.'

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"It's the first time I've ever seen anything that looks like an Audi R8 flying through the sky," said Matthew.

The fireball theory was debunked by the Astronomy Stack Exchange as they explained that a meteor only changes directions when they break apart while earth's gravitational pull forces them to come towards the surface.

International Meteor Organization also chimed in and stated that while it is true that thousands of fireball meteors occur in our planet's atmosphere almost every day, such sightings are a rare occurrence, The Daily Star reported.

A majority of them occur over oceans and desolate lands.

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The news of this mysterious sighting comes after an odd and frightening shriek was heard by residents of another Welsh county, Gwynedd.

Suspecting a supernatural creature, the people thought this 'weird screeching' and moaning noise was made by a siren. The panicked residents took to social media and circulated their accounts of waking up to the odd sound in the middle of the night.

"T'was a siren!" one user wrote, referring to the Cardigan Bay shoreline located not very far from Gwynedd.

"To some a screech... to others a song, luring them to the sea," another commented.

Screeching noise North Wales

Some also believed that the noise might of 'a metal being dragged' across the floor.

"Thought it was a bin lorry," a user said.

"Sounded dreadful, as if it needed a good oiling," another added.

Surprisingly this turned out to be true as it was later discovered that the town's railway station was to blame. One resident explained that an ultrasonic tester was being utilized by the Network Rail to carry new rails, it was emanating the weird screeching noise that scared the residents.