Republicans Target Big Tech Over Hunter Biden Laptop; McCarthy Says Facebook and Google Should be Probed

The likely next US Congress Speaker Kevin McCarthy has said Facebook and Google should be investigated following incriminating revelations on how the Big Tech censored the explosive story on Hunter Biden's laptop in order to explicitly help the Democrats and President Joe Biden.

"Now we need to start looking at Facebook, at Google. These now have become arms of the Democratic Party, arms of the Biden administration ...California Republican Rep said.

The Bidens
Hunter Biden, on the left, finds himself in the middle of the scandalous laptop FBI probe. AP

Intel Community Lied

"But they also used the intel community as well to lie to the American public. Should those people keep their clearances? Should those people still be allowed to have information? If they're going to be political individuals then no, they should not. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we need to investigate going forward," he added while speaking on Fox News on Sunday.

A trove of evidence retrieved from the laptop showed that Hunter actively engaged in influence peddling when his father was the Vice-President. There have also been speculations that Biden himself may have benefited from the business gains made by Hunter through nefarious deals including in China using the White House influence.

Elon Musk Expose

Late last week, Twitter boss Elon Musk released explosive information on how top Twitter executives hurriedly decided that the Hunter Biden laptop story by the New York Post was probably a Russian misinformation officer. The latest revelations revealed also that Twitter's then CEO Jack Dorsey was kept in the dark about the move.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk carried a basin to the Twitter office on the day he official took over the company Twitter

The 'Twitter Files' expose by Musk also showed that an influential group of former intelligence officials including CIA Director John Brennan and ex-National Security Council Director James Clapper colluded in the efforts to suppress the damning Post story Hunter and Joe Biden.

Twitter Execs Blamed Hacked Materials

The zealots in Twitter and the intelligence community apparently concluded without evidence that the article may have included "hacked materials," wrote journalist Matt Taibbi, releasing the 'Twitter Files' data. "Although several sources recalled hearing about a 'general' warning from federal law enforcement that summer about possible foreign hacks, there's no evidence – that I've seen – of any government involvement in the laptop story," Taibbi wrote, according to the New York Post.

Damning Senate Report

In September 2020, the Senate Republicans released a damning report that accuses Hunter Biden of various malpractices during his stint on the board of a Ukrainian energy company Burisma. One of the most startling accusations in the report is that Biden wired thousands of dollars to shady people who were involved in the sex industry. The 87-page report by the Republican senators gives details of Hunter Biden's links with dubious foreign interests and business leaders in Ukraine and China, 'creating criminal financial, counterintelligence and extortion concerns'.

Biden Communicated With Burisma

In October that year, reports emerged that Joe Biden, as Vice-President, had communicated with the top executive of the Ukrainian energy company Hunter Biden was working for. The charges, revealed in an exclusive report by the New York Post, said that Hunter arranged a meeting between the Vice President and a top executive at Burisma in 2015, months before the senior Biden allegedly pressured Ukrainian government officials into sacking a prosecutor who was probing the company.

Zuckerberg's Shocking Admission

In August this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the social media giant ws pressured by the FBI into suppressing the Post story. The Facebook move came under the direction of the FBI, which apparently aimed at limiting damage for the Joe Biden campaign, reports said.

Joe Biden,  Hunter Biden

"So now it comes out, conclusively, that the FBI buried the Hunter Biden laptop story before the election ..This is massive fraud and election interference at a level never seen before in our country," former president Donald Trump said.

According to Zuckerberg, Facebook was nudged into limiting the reach of the New York Post report that threw light on the infamous Hunter Biden laptop. There was a smear campaign against the Post following the publication of the laptop story. However, the laptops have since been independently verified as genuine.

The laptop contained details of Hunter's drug use, time with sex workers, and foreign business dealings that cast a shadow on the time Biden served as the US vice-president.

Republican Charge

On Sunday, the Republicans reiterated that the Hunter Biden story goes beyond his overseas business dealings. James Comer, who will likely become the next chairman of the House Oversight Committee, hailed Musk.

"What he's showing here is evidence that the Biden campaign colluded with Big Tech to suppress a story that we now know is 100% true," he said.