Religious blame game begins; Yemeni scholar alleges Israel, US hand in coronavirus to close Islamic holy sites

  • Coronavirus has already killed more than 33,900 people worldwide

  • Christian believers see it as fulfillment of Biblical prophecies


The coronavirus that apparently originated from a seafood market in Wuhan, China, has already reached all nooks of the globe, and as per the latest updates, this pandemic has killed more than 33,900 people worldwide.

As chaos looms up everywhere in the globe, a Yemeni scholar has outlandishly claimed that Jews in Israel and the United States government have intentionally created Covid-19 to shut down Islamic holy sites like Mecca and Medina.

Is Saudi Arabia backing Israel and the United States?

Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi, the Yemeni scholar believes that Saudi Arabia is also helping the United States and Israel in this sinister plan. As per Al-Ubeidi, the Saudi Arabian Royal Family actually has a Jewish origin, and they are all descendants of a Jew called Mordechai who lived in Iraq.

In a video released by Middle East Media Research Institute, Al-Ubeidi can be seen saying that the late Hussein Badreddin Al-Houti is the only one in the Islamic world who actually warned Muslims about the possibility of a virus attack from Jews to shut down Islamic holy places.

Al-Ubeidi also alleged that the Saudi Arabian Royal Family is now trying to embrace western culture in the country, and this move is just to please world powers like the United States and Israel.

This is not the first time that extreme Islamists are alleging jews and the United States for sinister foul play against their religion. Earlier, they have claimed that ISIS is actually a creation of Jews to tarnish the image of Muslims in front of the general public.

Is coronavirus a sign of the world end?

In the meantime, a section of adamant Christian believers has started claiming that the recent Covid-19 outbreak is actually the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies. As per these Christian believers, the world is currently going through the great tribulation period where natural disasters and pandemic outbreaks like the coronavirus attack will be quite common. These conspiracy theorists also argue that these events are actually connected with the second coming of Christ.

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