Real life flying man: Dubai's 'Jetman' stuns everyone with vertical takeoff [Video]

During the three-minute flight, the Jetman reached an altitude of around 1,800 metres in skies of Dubai

Iron Man, Marvel's iconic character is capable of a vertical takeoff, and audiences have witnessed this mindblowing scene many times on screen. But on February 14, 2019, a similar incident happened in Dubai when the country's Jetman took off from X-Dubai's Dubai Marina location and later screeched across the air over JBR.

Real-life Iron Man

Jetman flying in Dubai skies XDubai

This is for the first time that the Jetman has been able to take off straight up in the air, defying gravity. It should be noted that, in the last Jetman mission that was carried out above China's Tianmen mountains, the Jetman jumped off from a flying helicopter before starting the flying suit's engine.

During the flight, Vince Reffet travelled 100 meters in the initial eight seconds, and by the end of the three-minute flight, he reached an altitude of 1,800 meters. Vice Reffet and Fred Fugen who are Jetmen claimed that they can reach a speed of up to 260 kilometres per hour, and can travel for around 55 kilometres.

Until now, it was believed that the Jetman engine is not able to take off below 50 meters, and with this new achievement, the team proved that a vertical takeoff is possible.

Flying soldier in France

A few months back, a French inventor had demonstrated a jet-powered hoverboard that helped him to fly across the skies. The event was carried out during the annual Ballistic Day military parade in France.

During the takeoff, Frank Zapata, a former JetSki champion flew across the skies, and it indicated that the technology can be used for military patrolling purposes. After the landing, Florence Parly, the French Minister for Armed Forces revealed that technology like these could help to create flying soldiers that will give an extra cutting edge to the country in future battlefields. French President Emmanuel Macron also lauded Zapata for his efforts.