Razer launches Pokémon-themed True Wireless Earbuds that come with a Poké Ball charging case

The coronavirus pandemic lockdown may have stopped people from playing Pokémon Go on the roads but that shouldn't stop Pokémon fans from having a bit of Pokémon fun while they stay put at home. At least that's what the company Razer wants them to do with its new Pokémon-inspired wireless earbuds.

The Singapore-based gamer-centric company is known for making hardcore gaming smartphones and accessories which feature black with lime green highlights, but its latest product is a more whimsical product.

Razer's Pikachu true wireless earbuds with Poké Ball charging case

Razer has launched a special edition of its Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds called the Pikachu True Wireless Earbuds which come coated in a yellow paintjob with Razer's triple-headed snake logo on each earbud's touchpad replaced by the more whimsical and cuter backside of Pikachu with its signature lightning bolt tail.

But what makes the earbuds extra special, though, is that they come with a Poké Ball charging case to house them when not in use.

The Poké Ball charging case opens when you press the front button and it lights up to indicate its battery level. It also comes with a lanyard eyelet wrist strap to carry it around in style, that is when you go out to socialize after the coronavirus pandemic ends.

Razer Hammerhead earbuds

Apart from the altered appearance, the true wireless earbuds are basically a reimagined pair of the company's Hammerhead true wireless earbuds that it launched back in October last year. That means they come with the same 13mm drivers and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with a special gaming mode which offers lower latency rate up to 60ms.

The earbuds also support active noise cancellation (ANS), and battery life is rated at three hours on a single charge which can be extended to 15 hours since the Poké Ball charging case holds enough juice to charge them up to five times. Of course, the earbuds come with IPX4 rated water resistance and the back of each earbud offers touch controls.

As much as you'd want to flaunt them around and feel like Ash Ketchum carrying the Poké Ball charging case and taming Pikachu, or rather the Pikachu earbuds inside them, the earphones are specifically targeted at the Chinese market. This means they will be hard to come by for fans elsewhere.

However, they are not impossible to get. The earbuds will be available for 859 yuan or approximately $120 (plus additional taxes and custom duties) on Tmall and they go on their first sale from midnight April 16.

Razer's Pokémon collection

This isn't the first time Razer has teamed up with Nintendo for a Pokémon-themed product. The company had launched a Pikachu mouse and mousepad, as well as a Pikachu keyboard in 2019.