Razer and Dell to slay Nintendo with their uber-cool Switch-substitute

Both the Razer Kishi and Dell Alienware Concept UFO are to compete with Switch and could give Nintendo a run for its money

Following the grand success of Nintendo Switch, every big gaming gadget makers are busy developing their own solutions to it. A few came up in between, but after making some buzz during the release, those products faded away to prove the reign of Nintendo Switch. But finally, two new products look to compete with Switch and could give Nintendo a run for its money.

Developed by the two most prolific luxury gaming technology brand, Razer and Dell's Alienware, both the products have been announced at the CES 2020. The Razer Kishi and Dell Alienware Concept UFO both looks uber-cool for their elegant designs and are expected to dent in the Nintendo Switch monopoly for the following reasons.

Not a Gaming Console

Concept UFO
Dell Alienware Concept UFO Dell

Unlike Nintendo Switch, both the Razer Kishi and the Alienware Concept UFO are not a fully-fledged gaming console. The Dell Alienware UFO is actually a portable gaming laptop in nature and thus can offer all the Windows-based Steam platform.

On the other hand, the Razer Kishi is a gaming controller and is compatible with both Android mobiles and iPhones.


Razer Kishi
Razer Kishi Gaming Controller would come available both for Android and iPhones Razer

Both the Razer Kishi Android and iOS versions of the controller will carry the same features. The device will sport clickable analogue thumbsticks and buttons similar to an Xbox One controller, as well as a Playstations D-Pad. This design factor and platform compatibility might highly impress the gamers from all the platforms.

The Dell Alienware UFO design is quite identical to switch even including the joy-con grip. This hints the device might offer expected ergonomics to its users. Considering the availability of a vast number of popular gaming titles, it is quite sure the device might change the concept of handheld gaming.

The Razer Kishi mobile controllers for Android or iOS will be available globally in early 2020, while the Dell Alienware UFO is still in its concept phase, meaning they might take quite some time to make the device commercially available.