Rapper Sleepy Announces Marriage to Non-Celebrity Girlfriend; Here are the Details

Sleepy is said to have dating his non-celebrity girlfriend for a long time now. He was previously in relationship with singer Hwayobi.

Rapper Sleepy announced the news of his marriage in an innovative way. He took to Instagram to make the announcement along with the picture of his pet dog. Sleepy is confirmed to be tying the knot with his non-celebrity girlfriend in October. The rapper's friends stated that the couple has been dating each other for a long time now.

One of his acquaintances spoke to AllKPop and said: "The bride-to-be has been supporting Sleepy for quite a long time. Most of his acquaintances knew about their relationship." Announcing marriage, Sleepy said that he was getting married to the person who stood by him in difficult times.

South Korean rapper Sleepy of 'Untouchable' band. Instagram

Sleepy's Instagram post read: "Hello this is Sleepy. It's been a while that I wrote to you. I'm writing because there is news I wanted to share with you, who have been watching and supporting me.

I thought getting married was someone else's business, but here I am, promising a future with my cherished person. I am grateful for her, for staying by my side when I was at my lowest.

My wedding ceremony is scheduled for sometimes in October, and the beginning of the new chapter in my life will be private considering the current situation and the fact that she is a non-celebrity.

I am not forgetting that I am here today because of you who celebrate and be happy for me more than myself. Again, I am sincerely grateful for your support.

I will continue to present my best self in the future. Thank you!"

Sleepy's Previous Relationships

Kim Sung Won, popular as Sleepy, was born in 1984 and is not only a rapper but also a popular television personality. He is a member of the hip hop boy duo Untouchable. He became popular following his participation in reality TV shows including Real Man, I Live Alone, Law of the Jungle, and We Got Married.

He was virtually married to Lee Guk Joo in the show We Got Married in 2017. Sleepy had recently participated in MBC show King of Mask Singer. Though Sleepy has not specified the date of the wedding, reports claim that he is likely to get married on October 10.

Sleepy was previously dating singer Hwayobi. The couple's relationship became public in 2009. But after dating for one year, the couple decided to break up in June 2010 to concentrate on their music activities.