Racist Woman Harasses Black Family, Tells Them to Act Like White People in a White Neighborhood [VIDEO]

The white neighbor falsely claimed that the black family's pitbull attacked her small dog and walked up to their house with a taser.

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A video of a white woman armed with a taser harassing a black family and falsely claiming that their dog attacked her pet is being widely circulated on social media.

Two-part video footage of the racist incident, which took place in Discover Bay, California, was shared on Twitter by user Jariell along with a caption noting that the woman charged at her and her brother with a taser and yelled racial slurs at them on their property.

"I am TIRED of living this way. I am TIRED of passive aggressiveness. I am TIRED of the fake smiles. I am TIRED that I don't feel safe in a house that I've lived in for 10+ years cause of the color of my skin," she wrote.

'Act Like a White Person in a White Neighborhood'

racist woman
Stills from the video shared by Jariell on Twitter. Twitter

The first clip starts off with footage, which appears to have been recorded by a doorbell camera, showing Jariell's brother arguing with the neighbor, telling her to get off his property.

"I'm going to call the police," the woman responds before he explains to her that he has got everything on camera and would be happy to show the cops the video footage.

The woman then tells Jariell's brother that she "doesn't want to see" their dog outside while brandishing the taser in one hand. He responds by saying that his dog did not do anything wrong and asks her to leave the property.

The woman then goes on a racist tirade saying: "You're a black person in a white neighborhood and you're acting like one. Why don't you act like a white person in a white neighborhood."

'Your Pitbull Attacked My Little Dog'

Jariell then intervenes and asks the neighbor why she is yelling and being "disrespectful" on their property. At this point, Jariell starts recording with her cellphone as the woman then falsely claims that their pitbull attacked her "small little dog."

"He didn't attack the dog," Jariell's brother says to her, before adding that he has everything on tape.

"You guys are acting like black people," the woman can be heard saying. "I was raised in Oklahoma City where there were tons of black people."

"We're acting like what?" Jariell asks the woman to repeat what she just said. "You're acting like people that aren't normal," the neighbor replied before reiterating that their her "little" dog was attacked by their pitbull.

Video Footage Confirms the Pitbull Did Not Attack the Woman

Surveillance footage
The surveillance footage shows the woman petting the pitbull in the driveway of the property. Twitter

Jariell's brother once again relays to the woman that their dog did not attack her pet before pointing out to the woman that he saw her petting their dog.

"You're going to hell because I'm going to sue the hell out of you, both of you," the woman says before the clip cuts to security camera footage showing the moment the neighbor claims she was attacked by the pitbull.

The clip shows the woman asking Jariell's nephew, who is walking the pet, its name before petting the canine. "You're a good dog," she can be heard saying to the pooch. Watch both videos below:

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