Black Woman Accused of Stealing by CVS Manager Because She Was Seen Talking to Black Shoplifter

The woman was accused of stealing by the store's manager because she was seen "communicating" with another black man who left the store without paying.

A video of a black woman being accused of shoplifting at a CVS pharmacy by the store's manager because she was seen interacting with another black man who walked out of the store without paying is being widely circulated on social media.

Instagram user and Atlanta-based model @bryannajai took to the social media platform to share video footage of the incident along with a caption noting that she was followed around the store by the manager and a staff member before being prohibited from leaving because she was seen talking to a man who left without paying for his items.

"This prejudice bi*ch accused me of stealing with somebody. Talking about she thought we knew each other. she followed me around the whole damn store while I was trying to get some pads & etc," she captioned the video. "And then these 2 white h**s had the nerve to guard the door while I was walking to the register as if I was going to run out with my items."

She added that at first, she did not think anything of it and shrugged it off thinking they were just being "paranoid" since it was late night. However, she started recording after the manager accused her of shoplifting.

'Are You Going to Pay For the Stuff You Walked Out With?'

CVS Karen
Still from the video shared by @bryannajai on Instagram. Instagram

The video starts off with the user asking the female staffer to re-iterate the question she just asked her and the woman, who later identifies herself as the store's manager, Shelley, obliges.

"Hey, are you going to come back in and pay for the stuff you just walked out with?" the manager asks.

"So what makes you think that I know him?" the user responds.

"Because you guys were talking and you walked up together and...," the manager says before being cut off by the user, "Because I'm black?"

The model then explains to the manager that she walked into the store all by herself and she did not know the man, adding that they were walking alongside each other as they were browsing for the same product. The model also noted that she was already inside the store before the man entered the establishment.

'You Looked Like You Knew Each Other'

"I don't even know this man. I've never even seen this man so I don't know what you're talking about," she can be heard saying to the manager.

"You looked like you knew each other, like you communicated right there," the manager goes on before admitting her mistake and apologizing to the user. The two continue to argue before the user pays for her items and leaves the store. Watch the video below:

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