'Racist' Woman Asks Passenger to 'Stop Being Black' on Spirit Airlines Flight After She Asks Her Child to Stop Kicking Her Seat [VIDEO]

The incident took place on a Spirit Airlines flight last month but the clip only recently went viral on TikTok.

A video of a white woman asking black passengers seated ahead of her to "stop being black" after they asked her child to stop kicking the back of their seat during a flight is being widely circulated on social media.

The video, originally shared on TikTok last month, only recently gained traction on social media after it was reposted by @worldstar on the platform.

According to Jillian Tucker, the sister of one of the passengers travelling on the flight, who also shared a shorter version of the clip on her Instagram, the white woman made the racist statement after her sister politely told her to get her child to stop kicking her seat. Tucker's sister was travelling with her friends on a Spirit Airlines flight when the incident took place.

'They're Both Involuntary'

Racist Karen
Stills from the video shared on TikTok. TikTok

The video starts off with the white woman arguing with the black woman seated in the row ahead of her, most of which is unintelligible. "My kid was sitting here playing a game," the woman is heard saying while pointing her cellphone at the black woman in an attempt to film her.

"You sound stupid," someone is heard saying. The victim's friends seated in the adjoining row and filming the woman then call out the white woman over her racist remark.

"You said for them to stop being black?," they are heard saying.

"Yeah, if you wanna tell my child to quit moving," the woman responds.

"Like I can just wash that sh*t off my skin," one of the black passengers says before asking the woman to "keep quiet."

"What does being black have anything to do with this" one of the black woman is then heard saying. The white woman responds by drawing the analogy that her child can't stop moving just like they can't stop being black same. "They're both involuntary," she says before the passengers ask her to stop talking. Watch the video below:

Reactions Comments

The video has now amassed close to 200,000 views on TikTok and racked up thousands of comments from users who criticized the white woman's inability to control her child as well as called her out on her racist behavior.

"OMG just control your kid. They try to control everyone else except their own children," wrote one user, while another commented, "All I'm hearing is she's teaching her child it's okay to kick someone's seat if they're black.

"Her allowing her bratty child to continue to kick the seat is not involuntary. She is just racist, entitled and privileged," opined yet another.


Woman tells passengers to "stop being black" after they asked for her daughter to stop kicking their seat 👀✈️😯 (IG: @mayatucker @jillian.tucker) ##fy

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