Racist Neighbor Yells at Asian Man Over His Kids' Chalk Art, Tells Him He Has 'Slanted Eyes' [VIDEO]

The woman had a problem with the man's children drawing and coloring with chalk art on the sidewalk outside their home.

A video of an elderly woman walking into the garage of a Chinese-American man and yelling at him because his children drew on the concrete outside their California home is being widely circulated on social media.

The video was shared by Xiao Huang on Facebook along with a lengthy caption saying that he was in his garage minding his own business when the "Karen" walked into his home "uninvited" to complain about his kids coloring and drawing with chalk on the street within their complex.

'Tell Your Kids to Stop'

racist woman
A still from the video shared by Xiao Huang on Facebook. Facebook

The video starts off with Xiao telling the woman, who is accompanied by her husband, to file a complaint with the homeowners' association. "You son of a b*tch," the woman says to him before telling him to get his kids to stop drawing on the street outside.

The woman then asks for the man's wife, a white woman named Jenine. "She's a nice person. She talks nice," the woman says. Xiao pointed out in his caption that the woman only says hello to his wife and her mother because they are both "white."

The woman and her husband then walk out of the garage before she turns around and says, "Tell your kids to stop or else I'm gonna....." Xiao then cuts her off by asking repeatedly, "You're going to do what?"

'It Looks Like Sh*t'

The woman then questions whether Xiao lives there because he has "slanted eyes."

"I don't think you live here because you have slanted eyes," she can be heard saying. "Wow! That's racist," Xiao tells her.

The woman proceeds to tell Xiao that his children's chalk art "looks like sh*t." Her husband then walks over and explains to Xiao that his kids are not supposed to draw on the sidewalk and if the authorities find out they'll be penalized. However, according to Xiao, there are no rules within their association's CC&R, bylaws and regulations that prohibits using sidewalk chalk on public streets.

"The entire neighborhood doesn't have a problem with it, except you. You've had a problem with me ever since I moved in here," Xiao tells the elderly couple.

'We're Calling the Association'

Xiao Huang and his family
Xiao Huang and his family. Facebook

"No, we saw a guy that didn't have slanted eyes," the woman responds. "Leave this guy alone," her husband says to her before pulling her out of the garage.

"We're calling the association," the woman says as she's leaving. Xiao tells her to go ahead before adding that he's friends with the president.

"I'm going to get a pale and a brush and tell your kids to come out here and clean it," she is heard saying. "Over my dead body! You touch my kids, you're going to see something coming." Xiao warns her before the woman re-enters the garage and kicks over a table fan.

"We tell our kids to respect people's boundaries, we tell them to never color on walls, garages and anything that is not our. I always, ALWAYS live by the motto love your neighbors as yourself...but she crossed the line," he noted.

"I can't tell you how upset I am. I pride myself in how I present myself. Jenine and I do the best we can to raise our kids right, teaching them right from wrong, respect others, doing the right thing even when people aren't looking. I am not going to let this woman and her husband's action overshadow all the good that I see in my neighbors and this world," he added.

Watch the full video below: