Oregon Residents Accuse Black Census Worker of Being an Antifa Member, Spit on Him [VIDEO]

The residents accused the African-American census worker of being an Antifa member because he was wearing black apparel.

A video of residents accusing a black federal census worker of being a member of the left-wing, anti-fascist political movement Antifa, before spitting on him just outside of Portland, Oregon, is being widely circulated on social media.

The two-part clip, originally shared on TikTok, starts off with the census worker trying to explain to the resident that he's not Antifa and he's got the paperwork to prove it.

You Guys Are 'Burning Down the City of Portland'

Racist Portland residents
Still from the video clips that are being circulated on social media. Twitter

"You're saying I look like Antifa?!," the worker says to the man, who replies by saying, "You're wearing a black f**king mask!"

"Look at my form, buddy. It says 'U.S. Census.' What do you mean I look like Antifa?," the employee tells the resident. "You look like Antifa, motherf**ker," the man snaps back.

The census worker then tells the man that he's just doing his job but the man isn't convinced. "I'm tired of people wearing black masks, black helmets burning down the city of Portland," the man tells the federal employee.

The worker tries to explain to him that he's wearing a helmet because he's commuting on a bicycle and the face mask is worn because of the fact that they're in the middle of a pandemic.

Census workers are required to go door-to-door to collect data for the 2020 census and according to the U.S. Census Bureau, workers are required to wear face masks and follow local health guidelines.

'Get the F**k Outta Here'

"You're not answering my question. Are you f**king Antifa?," the man tells the worker. "I already told you what I'm here for," the employee relays to the man.

"Get the f**k outta here," another man, presumably the resident's son, tells the census worker from the overhead porch. "All I did was work in the area," the employee tells him. "I don't care what you have to say," the man responds.

"You're a f**king idiot," the census worker tells the man before he can be heard spitting on the federal employee. Watch the video below: